Saturday, February 28, 2009

SUNDAY--This makes me smile

I SEE THAT IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH TO MAKE ME SMILE---AND I SURE HOPE THIS ONE MAKES YOU SMILE TOO!!!!!!! Hope you have a restful day today, cause by the end of the week all our monthly 'bom's' will be ready to print out for us to construct--in fact Willowberry has there's posted today which I ran off---have a good day with family and God.

SATURDAY--Time for a laugh!!

******laughter time***** When a woman applies for a job at a citrus grove, the foreman asks "Do you have any experience picking lemons?" "WELL", she answers, "I've been divorced three times."!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

FRIDAY--Food Day!!


OF COURSE--we all know that the "first" food group on the food chain is "sweets"--I mean what is life worth living for if one can't have sweets????? I am not a sugary-sweets kinda person--I can actually leave them alone--EXCERPT--for CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND then I am also pretty good on this and only have one chocolate that I crave--and that is LINDT 70% cocoa--intense dark bar--I can get away with eating 2 squares after lunch and 2 squares after supper!! I have always liked dark chocolate over milk chocolate for a long time now and I also have discovered that if one buys the better brands of chocolate--even though they are more expensive--you don't eat as much--cause the good-stuff has a much better flavor and helps to satisfy that "sweet" tooth!!!
HHHI am very happy to add that I finished a wall-hanging of chickens this morning that I have been trying to finish for awhile now--good for me!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

THURSDAY--My first quilt--1967!!

YYYYI realized that I made my first fabric quilt in 1967 beginning in the new year and up til Easter of that year I worked on it. I transfered some iron-on transfers to white muslin squares for embroidery of animals for babies, after I got all the blocks done, I sewed them together and I remembered sewing this top unto a pink quilted blanket I had--it came out good and was warm. The really "funny" part is --I was pregnant and was sure I was going to have a "boy", so why I used the pink blanket is beyond me--but--it worked out just great--as I had a baby girl--My Dawn!! I had learned to sew in 4-H, but not quilt--we just sewed clothes--my mom was not a quilter--she also sewed mostly clothes!! For more on this quilting history story--tune in again next week--same time--same blogsite!!!!
Take care--Di

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WEDNESDAY--Pet Peeve Day????

I believe we all have some "pet peeves" to share??? I think one of my BIGGEST one's, is thread!! I go "nuts" when I only have a couple more stitches to go and I run out of thread and have to rewind a bobbin--even though I am one of those who winds extra bobbins--for some reason, the thread fairies must use them up when I am sleeping---cause there are none filled in the bobbin case in the color I am using at the time?????

Time for a quilting progress report--I nearly have ALL my BOM's for the month of Feb. done--just have to finish the cloud applique block from Grandma's Kitchen (her site is in her language--but so far I have been able to figure out the blocks as they are fairly simple designs--but very country and I love country!! I even got my block done for Quilt Club tomorrow here in town and did do the second block they gave us--am doing the second ones in a 30's print. I also got two blocks on the orchid quilt blocks traced and on fabric to applique and have one block started--and I am continuing to hand quilt awhile each day on my underground railroad quilt top--so I stay busy!! But not 'too busy' to visit all my blogger friends each day. So see ya tomorrow!!
Just a stitchin--Di

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TUESDAY--Family memory day!!

I thought I would start my family memories out with Little more about "me"!!!! I am the oldest of 4 siblings and the oldest of 3 sisters. I was born the first part of May and 3 years and couple weeks later, my sister June was born, then 3 years and a couple more weeks later, my sister Barbara was born. And then 6 years later and a few more weeks, my little brother was born, James. I still call "him" little brother,--little brother--every one laughs when they meet him, cause he's nearly 6 feet tall (Iam only 4'10")so as people look up to say "hi" they always turn to me and say,"if he's your little brother, then I don't want to ever meet your big brother!!!!
Would you believe that I went to a one-room school until the end of 5th grade, when they closed it down--it was the last one-room school in NY state to close and I walked the 1 1/4 miles to school every day and there was only 4 other house on my way to school and we walked in all kinds of weather, so even though i am not that "old" for the "good old days" I was still part of it -- tail end I guess. I grew up in the country and I really am glad I did and would love to move back to my childhood home--but???? I have lost both of my parents--to cancer while they were in their early 70"s and I am truly an old fashioned gal!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

MONDAY : My Sewing Basket

Before I can really start to pull things out of my sewing basket, I need to give credit due, where credit is owed--most of the things in my quilting basket are there because of a great talented and well educated teacher that I have taken a number of classes from in the past couple years--Her name is Sharon Stroud and you will find a link in my blog sites for her blog--in fact I owe her not only for 90% of my quilting knowledge--I also owe her for telling about dial=up Internet services and about her blog--cause from reading her blog, I have gotten to find all my great blogging sites and friends out there!! But back to Sharon as a teacher--she by far the best teacher I have ever had--wished I encountered a few like her back in High School???? Sharon tests everything she promotes in her classes and she's strict with these products, her techniques are her own most of the time and they are time tested, and on top of all this she is alot of fun--she even brings a tin of M & M's to every class for her students to enjoy--So blogsville--if you ever are in the Finger lakes area, or see her name on a class in your local area--be sure to take the class.
Keep Smiling and Stitching--Just, Di

SUNDAY--things that make me smile!!

Someone sent me a batch of baby pictures in a email forward and I transferred them to me pictures file and every so often I do a "view" of the file and they always make me smile--and this one is my favorite, I even printed this one out and have it here by the computer, so that when I can't get this machine to do what I want it to--I can look up and see it and I smile!!
Blessings to all this Sunday!

some day soon I will learn how to get the pictures to stay on each post????????????

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I love cats

I forgot to mention that I love cats--all colors--all kinds--at my old address I was known as "the cat lady" here we can only have one and so I worked at finding homes for all my "babies" and brought one with me here 5years ago. His name was "Bear" and he was a big black male-16lbs-and was still a kitten--he was jet black (i had always said i would never own a all black cat)--but he was my baby!!! Then a year ago at his age of only 3 1/2 I lost him to diabeties--who would of thought of that--he got it quick and it just took over--I really miss him! He helped me do everything-eat-sew-dress-make the bed-clean-sort fabrics-and he had to inspect every package that came into the apartment.

On to quilting--I got all 12 emb. blocks done for the quilt shop--it's for a quilt called "Sweet Days" by Acorn Quilt and Gift Co. You only used 5 colors of floss and it was all done in pink-reds and apple greens--so pretty. Then I got my second block done for Verandah Views done and started the applique block for Village Garden. I got more done yesterday as this internet stuff wouldn't run last night--we had alot of high winds here yesterday and bitter cold--was a good stay inside and quilt day??

I am sorry that my comment page wasn't working properly--hopefully I fixed it this time so you can leave me some comments--I know a couple of you tried--thanks for letting me know it wasn't working--I am all self taught on this machine--so bear with me!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hi Fellow quilters and crafters--it was nice and sunny today here in NY, so I believe that always makes one feel better!! I think I am enjoying this blogsville writting and it helps to keep me motivated during the day--not that when it comes to my quilting that I need alot of that!! I now have 8 of the emb blocks all done for the quilt shop--just 4 more to go!! I also got my fabric pieces ready for my applique block for the "Village Garden" BOM through My Guilt Village--plus have fabrics picked out for Block 1--which I plan to redo--as I have changed that quilts colors???
And I got all my batik fabrics ironed up from their washings earlier in the week and they will go into blocks for a quilt pattern called "Scrappy Bali Orchids" that I ordered off the internet from Cottage Quilts--Beautiful quilt!! I have blocks 1 & 2 all done for the "A Christmas Wish" BOM from Gail Pan designs and I have blocks 1 & 2 done for "A Tisket, A Tasket" BOM from Bunny Hill Designs (again I redid block 1!!!!!!!) So Happy Quilting to you today--Just, Di

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am a new blogger

I just love this new Web stuff--I have had so much fun since I got on the internet in Oct 2008, reading quilt sites and then discovering blog sites--that my quilting is gotten a little slow--but we will get there!! I am doing 5 BOM clubs from the internet:
1. Harmony Quilts 2. My Quilt Village 3. Bunny Hill Quilt 4. Gail Pan designs
5. Willowberry designs, Plus one at my local quilt shop here in town so they alone are keeping me busy, but I also have other "projects" in the works--so I am a typical quilter????
I love to needle turn applique, hand piece, and hand quilt--and lately have gotten back into doing alot of embrodiery--in fact my local shop owner has been keeping me busy with doing the center blocks on some quilts she is doing for models for the shop, plus some other embroidery items for models for her shop.

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