Friday, February 27, 2009

FRIDAY--Food Day!!


OF COURSE--we all know that the "first" food group on the food chain is "sweets"--I mean what is life worth living for if one can't have sweets????? I am not a sugary-sweets kinda person--I can actually leave them alone--EXCERPT--for CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND then I am also pretty good on this and only have one chocolate that I crave--and that is LINDT 70% cocoa--intense dark bar--I can get away with eating 2 squares after lunch and 2 squares after supper!! I have always liked dark chocolate over milk chocolate for a long time now and I also have discovered that if one buys the better brands of chocolate--even though they are more expensive--you don't eat as much--cause the good-stuff has a much better flavor and helps to satisfy that "sweet" tooth!!!
HHHI am very happy to add that I finished a wall-hanging of chickens this morning that I have been trying to finish for awhile now--good for me!!!!

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  1. Hi. Your site is pretty. I'm new to blogging and struggle with the sidebar lists - how do you do it? And everyone seems to be sooo productive! I must get kicking!
    By the way - beautiful baby!
    Enjoy your weekend.


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