Thursday, February 26, 2009

THURSDAY--My first quilt--1967!!

YYYYI realized that I made my first fabric quilt in 1967 beginning in the new year and up til Easter of that year I worked on it. I transfered some iron-on transfers to white muslin squares for embroidery of animals for babies, after I got all the blocks done, I sewed them together and I remembered sewing this top unto a pink quilted blanket I had--it came out good and was warm. The really "funny" part is --I was pregnant and was sure I was going to have a "boy", so why I used the pink blanket is beyond me--but--it worked out just great--as I had a baby girl--My Dawn!! I had learned to sew in 4-H, but not quilt--we just sewed clothes--my mom was not a quilter--she also sewed mostly clothes!! For more on this quilting history story--tune in again next week--same time--same blogsite!!!!
Take care--Di


  1. I can also look back and see my Mom doing laundry with that same ole washer lol. It sure did alot if shaking!!! I enjoyed your site, I found you as I was visiting Jan.

    Aloha Lorie


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