Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TUESDAY--Family memory day!!

I thought I would start my family memories out with Little more about "me"!!!! I am the oldest of 4 siblings and the oldest of 3 sisters. I was born the first part of May and 3 years and couple weeks later, my sister June was born, then 3 years and a couple more weeks later, my sister Barbara was born. And then 6 years later and a few more weeks, my little brother was born, James. I still call "him" little brother,--little brother--every one laughs when they meet him, cause he's nearly 6 feet tall (Iam only 4'10")so as people look up to say "hi" they always turn to me and say,"if he's your little brother, then I don't want to ever meet your big brother!!!!
Would you believe that I went to a one-room school until the end of 5th grade, when they closed it down--it was the last one-room school in NY state to close and I walked the 1 1/4 miles to school every day and there was only 4 other house on my way to school and we walked in all kinds of weather, so even though i am not that "old" for the "good old days" I was still part of it -- tail end I guess. I grew up in the country and I really am glad I did and would love to move back to my childhood home--but???? I have lost both of my parents--to cancer while they were in their early 70"s and I am truly an old fashioned gal!!!

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