Thursday, March 12, 2009

FRIDAY--Food Day!!

It's "Friday"--remember when we all looked forward to Fridays???? Well, I still look forward to them, for 2 reasons--one I get to share a "food moment" with you, and second--usually week-ends are alittle less demanding for me and I can get more quilting done, or discover some ways to make this computer work for me??????
Today I want to share a recipe that I have made many times--but I was invited to lunch a few years back now and this is what my girl-friend, Sally made for me and she had such a pretty table set and the prettiest blue plates to eat on---Thank you Sally for a sweet memory!!!
I also like to use canned salmon in mine and I use whatever leftover veggies I may have. I have also just grated some raw carrot and added it, it cooks up ok by the time the pie is done. Have fun with this recipe and leave me a comment as to what you put in yours??????/

Time for a sewing update: I spent the afternoon in hand-piecing class--we are working on a style of hexagons blocks. I am doing mine in purples and greens and we worked on #6 today. Only one more block for this top in this series. Of course this class was taught by my very favorite quilt teacher--Sharon Stroud and we all had fun while learning, and lots of M&M's to keep us in energy and a sweet mood!! I also got a chip for my new camera, so I will doing some more pictures for you of my quilt projects tomorrow--so be sure to tune in over the weekend????

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  1. That tuna pie sounds fun . . . Hubby loves tuna - wonder if The Princess would turn up her nose *s*


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