Friday, March 20, 2009

FRIDAY--Food Day!!

IT IS FRIDAY--FOOD DAY AND THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING--and I see that everyone is very excited about "spring" this year--even more so I think that normal????
I know that I got up today with a little more energy that I have had in awhile and it felt good--so good in fact that I actually did some baking--Look at these homemade blueberry muffins:
The muffins are sitting on a green depression ware cake stand that was my grandmother's--the teapot in the background is not really very old, but the glaze is cracking some, so it looks old!!
I also baked the Tuna Pie, that I gave you the recipe for recently -- here it is:
YUMMY--so I had a nice lunch today!! and I have some leftovers--even with sharing both of these goodies with a couple neighbors!!
As some of you may know--I do have a second blog site--and it is called: Di' and so it now also has a new "dress"--and so I have decided that I will post all my quilt pictures on that site of my present projects and those in progress--I will keep this site more for "chit-chat" and to share all my other pictures with you--and my pictures and stories of all the quilts I have made, before 2009 and the year of Blogging!!! So be sure to stop over there and see what I am up to now?????
May the Sun always shine on you and yours--Just, Di

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