Friday, March 27, 2009


It's Friday for all you working bloggers--so start warming up those sewing machines for a weekend sewing "to-do list"--cause we will all be out in the gardens before much longer--cause Spring really is on it's way?????
It has been one of those days of "In and Out" all day--this morning was a Doctor appointment to get my monthly B-12 shot--then stopped at Mary's apartment and made her her cup of tea she likes and we finished watching Matlock. Then I worked on a couple of quilt block preparations for the quilt club blocks, had lunch and kept looking for my sister, who was suppose to come and didn't so a friend ran me up to her apartment on the hill to check on her--she's ok, but down with a cold. Just got back home and another girl-friend stopped by and asked me to go to an ice cream stand with her and her mother--SOOOOOOOOOOO off I went again:

I got Vanilla with dark cherries, and chocolate filled cherry drops in it--it was really, really, really, good--espcially when I don't get to go very often and ice cream is about the only other sweets I eat besides my dark chocolate every day!!

Here is another picture of an Easter Craft I did last year, it is a pattern this time and it also done all in felt:

Sorry the picture is not that good--I'm still working on that angle!!!!
Have a great day and enjoy any sunshine that may come your way


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