Sunday, March 8, 2009

MONDAY--from my sewing basket

I think I would have to say that probably one of the tools that I use whether I am on the sewing machine, embroidering, appliqueing, or hand piecing that I make sure I have plenty of is our "friend the seam-ripper"!!! I have at least 3-4 of these "babies" around the house--there is one by my rocking chair, one beside the sewing machine and one in my classroom supply box. Now I know what you are thinking--I can see it in your eyes over there Mr. Rip-It--but if you want to do a job, it's best to do it right!!! But I do have rule of thumb I live by: I only redo the same piece three times--and on the third time that's it--unless by then I have totally ruined the piece and need to start over again????

I did work on my tisket-tasket basket bom block for awhile and I have it basically done--I am not doing the buttons nor the trims just yet--as I am sure I will hand quilt this when we are all done and buttons get in the way!!! Just a stitching away, Di

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  1. Diane, Thank you for visiting my blog today and introducing yourself. I'm looking forward to being at O'Susannah's and meeting you. Thanks for telling me you're going to be there.

    A couple of comments - I have heard the birds signing too! What a wonderful, hopeful sound! So special after this long, cold winter.

    Also the seam ripper - I use mine to cut out buttonholes. So much easier than using a blade or X-Acto knife. You just have to be careful to not keep on going through the other end so I work towards the center from each end instead. Handy little tools, aren't they!

    See you in May!


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