Sunday, March 15, 2009

MONDAY--from my sewing basket

Today I want to show you and tell you about one of my "bestest" finds!!!! And that is the scissors that I use for all my hand sewing, cutting the threads, clipping the curves, ( remember in applique you only clip the inny curves--never the outy ones)!! This scissors are small like you regular ones, but --but these have serrated blades to grip the fabric as you cut, and they really do an excellant job and a much neater job on your projects than do regular scissors--these are WELL worth the extra price for a pair--you will wonder how you ever sewed without them before???
In case the picture is not clear enough the name of them are "Elan" and they are 4" size--Let me know if you use these or if you purchase these and how you like them??? Thanks

Well, fellow quilters, I have "decided" to get alittle on the WILD side of things!!! And I am going to be very colorful on the birdhouse block bom, by Sindy Rodenmayer, decided I was tired of basically plain backgrounds--then I found this fabric that I used on the backgrounds when I was looking for something--I had gotten it awhile ago and I really really liked it--yet it just had not worked into any of my projects so far--It knew it was just waiting to do it's own "loud" shout of "look at me" and how "prefect" I am for this quilt!!!!!!

So do you like the flowery background on these birdhouses??????? They are much prettier in the real life, than here--only problem I have is at the time I wasn't thinking how much background fabric I would need????? Duh--Di----I only have a yard and that is only enough for 16 of the birdhouses and there will be 24 by the time it is finished as Sindy gives us 2 blocks each month--so if I can't find any more of this--the last 8 will be another project--right???
Blessing to day--Di


  1. Thanks for the scissors tip - a girl can never have too many *s*

  2. Hi Di...

    Please send me your USERNAME and PASSWORD for your blog, so that I can install your new BLOG DRESS (make-over) that you won on our blog on Sunday!!



  3. Thank you for visiting my friend! What a sweet blog you have!!!!

    Hugs, Reb


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