Monday, March 23, 2009

MONDAY--from my sewing basket

It's Monday and the beginning of a whole new week of sewing--if only that was all we had to do------

I thought I would share some of my "needle" information to day--cause without needles, we would be in a world of hurt!!!!

Here is a picture of an assortment of needles I have from my sewing drawers from different shops and different crafts--before I started taking classes I could tell one from another--but knowledge is "gold" especially when it comes to your needles--For Hand quilting I now use Richard Hemmings # 11 betweens ( Sharon S. likes #10's though). I use John James #11 sharps for applique now and you can also get them in/gold'n'glide--they are a little more expensive, but do thread easier--and let's face girls--we are still talking under $4.00 here for a package of 10!! Now for embroidery--I am still working on that one--but I actually like my quilt needle in the 10's for that--but they are a little hard to thread more that 2 strands--so I got a package of the Richard Hemmings betweens 5/10 and I like them as they have different sizes and I have a needle for how ever many threads I may need to thread!!!

In this picture do you see the little old fashioned salt shaker (which I think is actually cut-glass!!) I use this salt shaker to dispose of my used needles. And that is one big thing I have learned from my classes it: Get a new needle for every project, or every 8 hours of use!! Let's face it, we probably don't get a new needle that often, but I know I am doing a whole better about it now and what a difference it makes!!!!

Here's a picture of my needle holder I made to help me keep my needles straight and it sure comes in handy for classes--cause then I always have the correct needle for class:
I had some neat fabric with sewing themes on them so I used them to make it--sorry the color is off on the opened pictures!

Here's a Picture of some old and new needle cases:

And here is a look inside of the Gulf truck one--they even gave you some actual sewing Machine needles, plus the hand sewing needles--How nice of them!!!

And here is a photo of some of the needle "fix-it" cases I collected here and there.

me and this computer have had a difference of opinion tonight!!!!!!!!
Have a great Day----Hugs, Di

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