Wednesday, March 11, 2009

THURSDAY-- My Quilt history

My quilt history now jumps to the year 1990 and I am living in Palm Bay, FL. I have just been hired to be an assistant manager to a new Ben Franklin Store that is going into a new strip mall in Melbourne. Shortly after we opened I discovered another shop that opened in the same strip mall just a few doors from my job, it was called :the Great American Quilt Co. I managed to take two classes there and in the first one I made a 9 patch/fence rail quilt and my first really big wake up call that quilting is different from sewing clothes was the 1/4" seam allowance and that you had to try to do this seam allowance or things just wouldn't come out correctly--big time lesson for me--and it did take awhile for this "lesson" to sink into my "brain"!!!! But here is the results of that first class!!
I still use this quilt--it is on my "Mom's" rocker that I inherited--so I get to enjoy two memories at the same time.
I must say that it was a day of interruptions again--but I was determined to get some work done!! I did get the Verandah Views block done last night before bed:

This morning I started emb. on our Christmas Wish block and that is half done--then I actually went into my sewing room and sewed Block # 3 of the Village Garden Quilt:
I am doing the Village block all in strips and poka dots for something different--so far I like how all three blocks are coming out--but how it will all come together is anybody's guess????/
the above block is #2 block and was all applique:
And this is block #1--so you can see there is lots of color in these. (I think the pictures make these look wrinkled and uneven sewing, but they measure square and all the points come out pretty much on the button--must be the new camera??????)
I also got one house done on the houses quilt--Brenda's house and I have the 4 Barbara apt houses all cut-ready to sew--I am going to do this quilt in Civil war fabrics and this will the first quilt I have done using this period of fabrics--so I am excited about the out come. I could of gotten alot more done--but my sister, Barb, showed up and the phone kept ringing today!!!
See ya tomorrow--Di

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