Thursday, March 19, 2009

THURSDAY-- My Quilt history

The continuing story of my quilting history: remember when I told you about my first Quilt Class at the shop in Fl--well, before I even took that class, the store's first month of business was the month of December and she had a give away of sorts--you went in and got the block for the month and did one and returned with your block at the end of the month she pooled all the names and the winner got all the blocks to put together for a quilt top. Often she did not give us a color group--but the first one being Christmas, we were told of course, green and red--so home I went and did my block and I won the first set of 12 blocks--I was so excited--but then it did take me 10 years to put them together--but I just love it and it's a great memory for me--here it is:

And I believe my block is the one right here in the corner closest to the edge???

Now for a sewing update: I had to get off the computer last evening around 6pm due to our first thunder storm of the season--and by the way--I LOVE T-STORMS!!!!!! So while enjoying natures noise and lights show, I got the embroidery work done on my first block for the Orchid Quilt :and this morning I also got my first embroidered block for the "Gardener's Journal" quilt by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched ironed and a picture for you:
Anni's book only uses 15 colors of threads--not a Zillion colors like some patterns--so they are easy and simple to do--course I got a lot more waiting for me?????
And today I started my Easter decorating--at least on my front door:
This is all done in felt and hand stitched--I did her a couple years ago--that's a real tree branch I found outside and wanted to use!!!
Well, I need to go over to my other blog and do some way over due work on Di's Workbasket??
Have a Wonderful Day--Just, Di

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  1. Hi, Di - it's so nice to meet you. YOur blog design is so sweet and happy!

    I've recently gotten back into embroidery and really like your block!

    Happy Friday!


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