Thursday, March 26, 2009

THURSDAY-- My Quilt history

We had alot of "wet-rain!!!!" today here in NY--but I just a blog since I got on here, where they where expecting snow either yesterday or today--soooo--I won't complain about a little rain???

This tablerunner I designed last year or the year before--I left my rabbit ears floppy--I did do the blanket stitch around each one though. ( sorry--I did iron it--yet it does not look like it here?)

Are getting ready for Easter Yet???
Here's some of my Easter things--they got unpacked, but the "fairy-of Easter Decorating" hasn't arrived yet to give them their holiday "homes"--maybe she will show up tomorrow?????

Have fun today and do something Eastery!!! See you tomorrow--Di

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  1. Hey Di,

    Your little table runner is precious; I love the design. I really enjoy doing the blanket stitch too. I haven't started decorating for Easter yet but want to make something for my table. I'm kind of behind though :(

    Thanks for stopping by. My back is feeling much better!


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