Monday, March 9, 2009

TUESDAY--Family memory day!!

For a family memory today I want to talk about my father, as he would of been 82 on March 14th!! I got my love of cats and animals from my Dad--he enjoyed them all--and growing up we always had a cat or two and a beautiful dog named, Rex. My Dad was a very big story teller and he had some adventures to tell about too. My Dad was a big inventor, in fact he actually invented the first electric lawn mower, when he was only a kid--and he nearly electrocuted his father in the process!! My dad invented some other things that people take for granted to day--only he never patented any of his inventions--and when he died at the age of 73, he had a piece of equipment in his workshop to run some kind of equipment that he used to do his woodworking with that run on electricity that no body else had. So--Happy Birthday--Dad
****the above picture is of my Dad as a kid--with one of his tamer inventions?????

And here's a picture of me and my Dad around 1966 and when I graduated from high-school and I am pretty sure I made the dress I am wearing in this photo!!!

I know this is a small scale picture==but me and this machine are having a hard time communicating today for some reason--but I will keep trying and I hope I will get better--so keep tuning in for the next "mix-up"??

SEWING UPDATE: It was Monday and I did find myself down in the laundry room and then coming back and getting the house work done!! Then after lunch I ironed my newest Tisket-Tasket Block and took some photos for you--then I got the rest of the Applique blocks set up for the Orchid Bali blocks I am doing and I did alittle emb. on the Veranda Views block. But then it seemed to interruption time--and now is my "blog site" time--sooooo??????

Well, I am going to post this and then I plan to set up a second blog site as a diary and goal sheet of my projects--have to keep track of them somehow???? And this way I have to keep it updated for everyone else to see??????????????////// Just, Di

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