Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WEDNESDAY--Pet Peeve Day! LAST ONE!!!!

I have decided life is too short to have a "pet peeve day"--so I won't talk about them --at least on a regular basis.
Now yesterday I had one--but that seems to be a on-going one since I started blogging--cause to blog you have to use a computer and me and this computer some days just don't agree on how "I" want to do things??????????
How is all your projects coming?? I am hearing alot about a new embroidery thread called "cosmos" anyone working with it yet?? I did find a site that sells it by the Skeins--I am worried that it looks almost "too" shiny for my country things I do--anyone know???? Do plan to order a couple skeins and a stitchery project to go with it from them--thinking of Christmas Mice by Cinderberry designs--want to get started on Christmas earlier--any one want to join me on a summer Christmas project Club???

Here is a picture of 2 old jars that I keep my "old" spools of thread and "old" sewing notions in as I find them--Looks like I need to find another old jar, before I find any more "old" things to put in it?????

Well, that's it for today--did have one more picture--but I guess the computer is "tired"out, cause it wouldn't upload it???????????

Is it "SPRING" yet???? Only 17 more days to Easter!!!
Have a wonderful day--and be sure to pop over to Di's Workbasket to see the photos of todays finished quilt projects!!

Have a Beautiful day---Di

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  1. HI Diane,
    I love your blog! THanks for linking up with me! I look forward to read more of your blog.
    Happy Spring~


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