Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WEDNESDAY--Pet Peeve Day!

Here we are with another "pet peeve" for the week!!! Today it's waiting for "people" who call and they say they will be by sometime during the day to visit--or whatever--ONLY--they never show up nor do they call and say that something has come up???? In the meantime, you always have one "ear" tuned to the doorbell and you plan your projects a Little differently than you would of if nobody was dropping by???????????????? At least I did get some applique done while I was waiting (but I might of worked in the sewing room on a block of month project--maybe tomorrow!

I have been stitching--got a embroidery block done and I got my Underground Railroad quilt all hand quilted and all the basting threads pulled out of, now I need to find binding for it--Maybe Saturday--a couple of us are planning to go to a Quilt shop 25% off sale near here??? For my picture today I am going to show you one of the Bliss Hexagon blocks from my hand piecing class and will show more later on:
Have a Great Day--Blessings--Just, Di
By the way "What is your pet peeve this week?????"


  1. Hi Di...

    I have gotten in the habit of telling ALL friends, family, business people...if they've made an appointment with me...that if they're not here within 15 minutes of their appointed time...I'll be going about my business and probably will leave the house. That assures me that I won't be wasting my time.

    If they've only said they'll be dropping by, I always, always, always tell them that since we haven't agreed on a specific time, they should call BEFORE they pop make sure I'm home and available...that nothing else has popped up. I'd hate for them to make a trip only to find I'm gone. Then they either make an appointed time...or they CALL first.

    Either way...I'm not feeling like I'm NOT doing what I need to be doing.

    After all, my time is valuable.


    ps...stop by this link - let me know if you like it...if you's YOURS!!

  2. It's kind of like being without your car - you never have to go somewhere so urgently as when you don't have wheels *s*


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