Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tuesday's is when my friend Ann comes and we quilt awhile together. Today she worked on a small lap quilt and i worked on my Redwork blocks. Then we went to a furniture store and I found a chair I really liked and that fit Ann well, for when she comes to visit each week--we are both short--and it is not easy sometimes to find something comfortable for us to sit in!!! Then we went to lunch at this little cafe and it was good food, we had a male waiter and I do not believe he knew how to add as he told everyone their meal was $9.45 regardless of what they ate??? Ann and I had totally different things--yet, it was $9.45 for each of us--I believe mine was more like $7.45--BUT??? So I don't believe we will be eating there again??????

On the way to the furniture store we stopped by her house and I took some pictures of her gardens, and they are full of tulips of all colors--thought maybe there for a minute I was in Holland!!!!
And another one:
And another one:
I know these are not tulips--but do you see her cat statue behind the flowers peeking out?? Ann also brought me a bunch of her tulips to put in a vase:
How do you like my "vase"???? I love the old green canning jars and use them all the time--have my tea in a couple and always use them for flower vases!!!!
PS--the first picture on this post is also the vase of flowers from Ann!!

Happy Spring Day--Just, Di

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