Monday, April 27, 2009


WELL, IT'S THE SAME OLD STORY--everyone complaining about the weather???? It's too cold, too hot, too much snow, too much rain--when will people realize--that today is the best day--even weather wise--because they have "today" --who knows if they will have tomorrow or next week even--so whether it's too hot or too cold--just enjoy it--we now have air conditioning for the summer months and heating systems for the cold weather and they didn't in the "Good old days" yet I truly believe they where a happier group of folks than the people are today!! WOW--where did that all come from???????????????????

My tulips in the garden bloomed big time today--here's some pictures:
And here's one:
And here is the promised picture of my treasures from the shopping on Saturday:
I just love the little glass and the old-fashioned designs on it---and this tea cup is for "giants" I do believe!!! It is really big and heavy -- I shall be putting a plant in it most likely!!! Here is another view of the little glass:
Well this has been fun--but I need to be going for today--take care, Just, Di

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  1. The tulips look lovely, Di. Grey and rainy here today. So maybe I'll get something done indoors today. Enjoy your day.


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