Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I went looking---

I did go looking for more signs of spring today, for here in NY--and I think I found some more sights to encourage me that Spring really is here--even though our nights are still around 29 degrees or colder--
I was surprised to see these flowers still blooming--usually they are all gone by now!!!
My Hyacinth's are just starting to bloom--all 4 of them have all came out the same color--they are about 3 years old now!!
And I see that the forsythia is now trying to bloom--Mom always said this was a sure sign of spring in the makings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did get my apron for the "Tie one on" challenge done today. I used a pattern that had been my Mom's and she sent for it through the mail and the postage was just 1 cent--she and my Dad lived in Millport, NY at the time and my Dad ran the cider mill there. I do not know if she sent for this pattern before or after I was born--but I was born in 1948--so this pattern is at least 61 years young!!!!! It says it is an "Anne Adams Pattern" and it came from NY city area. I must say I really liked the directions to it--they were short, but to the point--today's patterns are so wordy and there is so many pages to the pattern--here's what the directions looked like:
This was it--just one half of one page--it had illustrations, too, even though they are hard to see here:
And here is the front and the back view:
If you want to see the pictures of how mine came out and for "the rest of the story"--go to my workbasket site--it's listed in the blog links list on the side panel.

Have a good day--see you tomorrow---running right along--Just, Di

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