Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, then comes Tuesday!!!

I have not figured out yet, if I am blogging for today, which is Monday, OR, if this blog is really a Tuesday blog as it is 8:00pm here in NY--and I guess the real question is "does it matter"???

OK--let's get on with the program--do you see the little dress on the bear on the right side of the tea table??? Well, I picked up that dress in a thrift store here in town a couple weeks ago and it is an actual baby dress--and here is what it looked like the day I bought it for 25 cents!!!
Can you see all the big "yellow" age spots--or whatever--the back was really bad too--So I finally found some time and got out my white enamel pan with the black rim ( I also collect the red rimmed ones) and I put in alittle dish detergent and some white vinegar and put the little baby dress in to soak--it took about hour or so and out it came--nice and white== not scrubbing or harse cleaners!!
Any yellow highlight here is from the camera==it really is
like new even though I believe this is an older dress.

How is every one's Easter projects coming along????? Have a good Easter week--

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