Saturday, May 30, 2009


My girl-friend, Ginny, picked me up around 10 am and we went and picked up Little sister, and Ginny drove us to the Library--now we have a nice big library here at the end of town--But, I don't like that one--so we go to one about 9 miles from here up a big hill to a small village--I got about a dozen books and sister, Barb, got 3--while we were there I noticed these two young girls on the computer there--

They were really being so quite and well mannered--you didn't really even know they were in the library doing games!!!

Then on the way home we stopped a greenhouse and discovered they were having a sale--so guess what happened here--some plants just "jumped" into the back of Ginny's SUV and I had to bring them home!!!!!!

Barb and I had a quick bite of lunch and then we walked a couple blocks over to go to a couple rummage sales--we each got a couple bargains--pictures tomorrow!! ON the way over and on the way back, my camera kept leaping out of my pocket and keep snapping pictures of delight beautiful flowers--here is some of those pictures--ENJOY--
And--And these are pink poppies They were so pretty and so prefect looking you would have thought they were silk ones?????

Have a great Sunday and remember to give Thanks to God for your family and friends and they ability to Blog-----Blessings to all my blog friends--Just, Di

Friday, May 29, 2009


OKay ---blogger friends--when do you do your blog updates--????????????
Now that summer is upon me I am having a hard time finding a good time to blog????? Yet when I don't blog I feel like I am missing something and am missing some friends time??
So I was just wondering when most of you do your blogging and why you pick that time of day and is it the same everyday or a hit and miss???????

I took some garden pictures late this afternoon when the sun decided to shine for us for alittle while--this is one color of the iris's in the iris garden:
And here is a white one:
And here is some dark purple ones , with the lighter ones in the background. There is one more color for sure coming in this garden and some other colors in a couple of the other gardens.

It's that time again to have a Great Week-end--enjoy family and a good book!!!!
Smiles--Just, Di

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Alone today!!

I was actually HOME all day (except for going down to Mary's to get her her tea) and I was ALONE all day--no sign of little sister today--bet she got into a good book!!!! I just mostly sat and worked on some handwork projects--had a hard time trying to decide if I was warm or cold today??? On minute I was putting on my socks and closing the windows, the next I was taking off my socks and opening the windows????

Here is some pictures of some treasures I got last week and have not had time to Post:
Here is two pink Pyrex bowls and a crocheted hankie the bowls were $2.00 each and the hankie was $1.50:
Here is a better picture of the hankie--the flowers are pansies and they are one of my favorite flowers. I also have a large vintage hankie collection, so it will have lots of company!!!

Be Good--tomorrow is FRIDAY and then another great week-end?? Blessings, Di

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working Hard on????

Hi everyone--I have been real busy working on my 100th post give away--this post makes 91 for this site, Quilting is Blissful, so as the tradition seems to be a giveaway on the 100th, I had to get busy--and everyone needs to visit often to see when it will be--as sometimes I post everyday and sometimes only every other day---soooooooooooooo?????

Little sister, Barb, has been working on my kitchen cupboards and on my walk in closet shelves, in cleaning them and organizing them--she really is very good at this--I start out doing it--but unfortunately I can get distracted easily--with a Quilt magazine or project and the closet is "history"!!!!

Here's some more living room pictures:
And Here is a picture of a Bluebird plate and how it is displayed in one of my china cabinets:
The berry candle ring is new--we just had a new country store open up and it one of the things I got there for only $1.79--I just love berry rings and garlands.

And we need another flower of the day picture:
Found these little flowers in bloom a couple days ago in one of my gardens--they are so small and pretty looking.

Have Wonderful Day--see ya soon--Just, Di

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I finally figured it out???

I have tried a couple different times to post some of the BOM button's unto my site--but could not get them to transfer--but tonight I finally succeeded in getting Tozz's button onto the workbasket site--this is what I had to do, to do it: 1. put mouse on the button and right clicked to "save as button"--then 2. went to my customize button on the dashboard and did add a gaget/ 3. hit the add picture link// 4. on the browse button I found the button picture of the Tozz one I had saved added it to browse window and guess what--It's on my page--Now--to decide if I have room for all my BOM projects, buttons????????????????
Here's some more decorating pictures:
This is the bottom of one of my little china cabinets--we decided to use it to display all my quilts--the ones on the right side are mostly ones I have already quilted--(by Hand) the ones on the left side are "crying" when are you going to get to us and quilt us--you are doing too many BOM's--we are trying to be patient with you--but?????
This is the top of the same cabinet--I used to have alot of tea cups and saucers here--but decided it was time to enjoy some of my other things!!
This is the wall and a dresser next to the china cabinet--the dresser now holds my linens and such. All the counted cross stitch on the wall I have done at various times down though the years--I love doing sampler ABC ones--but have also done others. Well, maybe more tomorrow--OH OH OH nearly forgot to tell you I just READ a WHOLE book this week--"The Lost Quilter" by Jennifer Chiaverini--I love all her books--but I had a problem with one--I am sure I have read it before or parts of it anyway--yet, it says it's a new one--has any one else read this one---what is your opinion????

Here's a flower picture for today:
These flowers are at my friend Mary's place downstairs--she got them for Mother's Day--they are so pretty that when she was on the phone today--
I ran back up here and got my camera--It's a running "joke" with us that as soon as I get to her place, her phone rings--she is a very "lucky" lady--her kids keep in touch with her all the time!!

PS--she may not speak to me again if she finds out I put this picture on my site?????


Saturday, May 23, 2009


I tried to post last night--but as computers have a habit of being tempermental--I was unable to??
But I got pictures for you tonight as so far, the computer, is behaving!!!

Remember I told you I had purchased an old Hooister cabinet--well, it got delivered on Tuesday afternoon--so you know what we did all day on Wednesday--we played and played some more with it (actually we "loaded" it up with all kinds of stuff????) Here's the first picture:
And here is some pictures of it all fancied up:
And another one:
And yesterday a new store opened up overtown--I did pick up a couple things--but I also seen a tall candle style light I fell in love with--but wasn't sure where I would use it--today I discovered the perfect spot for it--on the top of the cabinet, by the rooster--so it's on my list to purchase on pay-day!!!! If you noticed in the first picture in the bottom center cubby, there's a big bright spot that is a small candle light--for the second picture I turned it off> under the flour sifter part is my set of Pyrex bowls--some of my collection of old aprons are on the doors and we put the rest of my collection along with my collection of old table cloths in the bottom part---soooo now I can easily get to them and change them from time to time--OH---I just love my new cabinet???????
Took this picture yesterday on way back from overtown--they are just beautiful--they look like some kind of marigold????

Have a fun and safe week-end you all-----Smiles--Di

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Short, but Sweet!!!

This is a short post tonight -- they laid the new carpet in the apartment under me today and the smell from the glue they used is still bad in here and getting to me---And my sister the "slave-driver" and I were really working up a storm--when we had to leave about 11 am and go over town for the day and wander around town to stay out of the apartment unfortunately the smell is still kinda bad--soooooo???????? But I did take my camera with me and found some neat flowers to take pictures of to share with you tonight:
Can you see the "fringe" edging on this tulip??? It is so pretty:
And one more of them:
There's more pictures--but tomorrow is another day-----

Have a wonderful day and may your "flowers smell" better than mine are right now??????

Hugs, and Smiles to day---Di

Monday, May 18, 2009

Around town day!!

So far today has not netted any sewing on my part---had a meeting this morning and then did the shopping--fabric shopping you say---NO--this time it was for fuel so I could do some sewing this week--fuel as in food supplies--I really can't say I enjoy this job, I get used to a certain style of food, or flavor or product line and then --LOW and BEHOLD--they disconutine it ,or they say it will be on tomorrow's truck--but LADY--I am here today and I need it today???????
OH WELL--that's life!!!!

Have a fun day tomorrow and happy project building---smiles, Di

Sunday, May 17, 2009

And Suddenly there was Wind!!

Boy you could of called us the "Windy City" yesterday afternoon, here in this part of NY state--It had looked like rain a couple different times, but only got some sprinkles--then around 4pm I saw some real dark clouds come over the west hill and then I seen the rain--not just a few sprinkles this time, but a curtain of solid rain--and talk about wind--oh my!!!!
My tree outside my window looked like this--storms don't scare me as a rule, but for a few minutes there I wasn't too sure what was happening out there????
But we made it though it, and it passed us by and some of those around the area, did lose power, but here in the main part of town, we did not--Thankfully--cause I was in a stitching mood!!!

Here is some more pictures of my fabric buys on Friday:
At first I got these for maybe the "Shabby Rose" blocks--but now I am thinking they might be nice for the Breast of Friends Blocks--time will tell???????????
Found this pretty fabric in the sale room--so was about $6.oo a yard--thinking it might make a nice border for the purple/green hexagon block quilt I did in class--when I get the blocks out and lay them out we will see???
These are for my civil war collection--they look like different fabrics here--but really are civil war prints:
And I got this charm pack--just love these, even though these area not really my colors--think I will get more of the high heeled print and cut more 5" blocks and then just sew them all together to make a quilt top and I have already picked out the two fabrics from the pack that I want to use on the borders. And I got a couple light colored homespun for that stash, and like just 3 odd prints just because I liked them!!!!

Well, here's a picture of a lone late tulip from the garden:
Have a good Monday everyone and a good start on all those projects on your "To Do" lists!!
Stay warm and dry????? Di

Friday, May 15, 2009


I had a dental cleaning today, and my dentist is about an hour away--and in that direction is also a quilt shop that was having a sale today---so I talked another quilter girl-friend into taking me so we could also hit the sale and a 3rd friend also went along---good report at the dentist--Look Ma No Cativities!!!! We made 2 pit stops before we got to the sale shop--1st one was a little shop in the village where the dentist is--it is called Mary's Craft Supplies--this lady has been in business for over 55 years--yes, I said 55 years--there I got this fabric:
I am planning on putting red in my kitchen and have been looking for some red checked or plaid fabric--and then I decided I would collect "cows" for the kitchen--so here I have some fabric to use to design "something" for the Kitchen???? Then it was to Wendy's for some human fuel and brain power for the "big" fabric buys!!!!!

Here is the shop we went to--and it is located in Candor, NY--

And here is my two partners in crime--Denise and Phyllis:
And here is the front door:
And a picture as you go in the door:
And here is their store mascot--a beautiful dog named "Bailey"--
He has his own perch here behind the counter, and under this cabinet--he loves to be at the shop and we all look forward to seeing him there.
And right next door to the quilt shop is an ice cream stand--so of course --we had to made a final stop there for a tasty freeze---Yumm!!

will show more of the fabric treasures tomorrow--so you all come on back for a looky-see!!
Have a Sunny day--Just, Di

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Closets!!!!

Well, My "slave-driver" showed up at noon today--thinking she'd find me busy at work in sorting my clothes closet--SHE--did find me busy at work--only it was on my stitchery and quilt projects??? But after lunch I did get busy with her and we did my clothes closet--took out winter clothes--unpacked and tried on the summer ones and hung them up--and took a big bag down stairs to go on our give away table!! I don't know if we will ever get it all done--but I guess we are making progress ( as long as she let's me stitch a few minutes here and there, for my "fuel--along with another piece of chocolate) I'll make it!!!
Here is some pictures of my now organized fabric closet:
This is the right side of the closet:
And this is the left side of the big closet--these 5 drawer dresser hold most of my fabrics now:
And here is a look to the inside corner of the left side--there is 2 -3 drawer units here--the bottom one holds my bigger pieces of fabric and the top will hold my silk flowers and counted cross stitch kits. This is enough work for today--I will end today with a picture from my walk yesterday to the post office:
Have some fun today---Hugs, Di

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