Saturday, May 23, 2009


I tried to post last night--but as computers have a habit of being tempermental--I was unable to??
But I got pictures for you tonight as so far, the computer, is behaving!!!

Remember I told you I had purchased an old Hooister cabinet--well, it got delivered on Tuesday afternoon--so you know what we did all day on Wednesday--we played and played some more with it (actually we "loaded" it up with all kinds of stuff????) Here's the first picture:
And here is some pictures of it all fancied up:
And another one:
And yesterday a new store opened up overtown--I did pick up a couple things--but I also seen a tall candle style light I fell in love with--but wasn't sure where I would use it--today I discovered the perfect spot for it--on the top of the cabinet, by the rooster--so it's on my list to purchase on pay-day!!!! If you noticed in the first picture in the bottom center cubby, there's a big bright spot that is a small candle light--for the second picture I turned it off> under the flour sifter part is my set of Pyrex bowls--some of my collection of old aprons are on the doors and we put the rest of my collection along with my collection of old table cloths in the bottom part---soooo now I can easily get to them and change them from time to time--OH---I just love my new cabinet???????
Took this picture yesterday on way back from overtown--they are just beautiful--they look like some kind of marigold????

Have a fun and safe week-end you all-----Smiles--Di

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