Sunday, May 24, 2009

I finally figured it out???

I have tried a couple different times to post some of the BOM button's unto my site--but could not get them to transfer--but tonight I finally succeeded in getting Tozz's button onto the workbasket site--this is what I had to do, to do it: 1. put mouse on the button and right clicked to "save as button"--then 2. went to my customize button on the dashboard and did add a gaget/ 3. hit the add picture link// 4. on the browse button I found the button picture of the Tozz one I had saved added it to browse window and guess what--It's on my page--Now--to decide if I have room for all my BOM projects, buttons????????????????
Here's some more decorating pictures:
This is the bottom of one of my little china cabinets--we decided to use it to display all my quilts--the ones on the right side are mostly ones I have already quilted--(by Hand) the ones on the left side are "crying" when are you going to get to us and quilt us--you are doing too many BOM's--we are trying to be patient with you--but?????
This is the top of the same cabinet--I used to have alot of tea cups and saucers here--but decided it was time to enjoy some of my other things!!
This is the wall and a dresser next to the china cabinet--the dresser now holds my linens and such. All the counted cross stitch on the wall I have done at various times down though the years--I love doing sampler ABC ones--but have also done others. Well, maybe more tomorrow--OH OH OH nearly forgot to tell you I just READ a WHOLE book this week--"The Lost Quilter" by Jennifer Chiaverini--I love all her books--but I had a problem with one--I am sure I have read it before or parts of it anyway--yet, it says it's a new one--has any one else read this one---what is your opinion????

Here's a flower picture for today:
These flowers are at my friend Mary's place downstairs--she got them for Mother's Day--they are so pretty that when she was on the phone today--
I ran back up here and got my camera--It's a running "joke" with us that as soon as I get to her place, her phone rings--she is a very "lucky" lady--her kids keep in touch with her all the time!!

PS--she may not speak to me again if she finds out I put this picture on my site?????


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