Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Closets!!!!

Well, My "slave-driver" showed up at noon today--thinking she'd find me busy at work in sorting my clothes closet--SHE--did find me busy at work--only it was on my stitchery and quilt projects??? But after lunch I did get busy with her and we did my clothes closet--took out winter clothes--unpacked and tried on the summer ones and hung them up--and took a big bag down stairs to go on our give away table!! I don't know if we will ever get it all done--but I guess we are making progress ( as long as she let's me stitch a few minutes here and there, for my "fuel--along with another piece of chocolate) I'll make it!!!
Here is some pictures of my now organized fabric closet:
This is the right side of the closet:
And this is the left side of the big closet--these 5 drawer dresser hold most of my fabrics now:
And here is a look to the inside corner of the left side--there is 2 -3 drawer units here--the bottom one holds my bigger pieces of fabric and the top will hold my silk flowers and counted cross stitch kits. This is enough work for today--I will end today with a picture from my walk yesterday to the post office:
Have some fun today---Hugs, Di

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