Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some new treasures!!

I finally got the pictures taken of my treasures from Saturday's hunt:
There is 3 new treasures here--the first one is the Pyrex red bowl--I have the other 3 colors and sizes, but needed this one, every time I did happen across one--it happened that I had no money on me!!!! I have had the largest yellow one for years and have mixed up many a batch of bread in it. The 2nd treasure is the vintage sewing box that is inside the red bowl--I have more pictures of that for you some day soon--and the 3rd one is the enamel ware "potty"--I have a white one with a black rim already so I decided why not have a white one with a red rim????

I will leave you today with this picture--this tree is almost directly across the street from me--it is so pretty and is loaded with flowers--
And now for a surprise---If Anne-Lise and Libby would email me their addresses I have a gift for you both, for wishing me a "Happy Birthday"--Thanks Girls!

Have a Happy Day tomorrow and take care---See ya soon--Di

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