Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was going to work on some projects yesterday and so I started on the new pattern--for the bird pin keep--got one sewed and I had picked out six or more fabric combo's for more when I remembered that I do not mass produce craft items any more!!!! But I wanted one for myself in the Diane Knott's fabric line I had gotten a couple months ago--along with a couple other accessories from her fabric--so I did just that--first I found the pieces of fabric for my "thread catcher" in the drawer that I had started months ago--got the ones done for gifts--but never got around to finishing mine??? took me a "few" minutes to figure it out as I could not find the pattern--I had gotten at Quilt club one month--but the "old" brain came though and I did it!!! Then I did the bird and made it into a Chatelaine and I used pink rick-rack for the ribbon--then I fussy cut 3 sewing items from Diane's fabric and made pincushions and so here is the pictures of my set:
Here is the chatelaine and the thread catcher:
And here is the three pin cushions--the little heart I am gluing on to a thread spool holder to keep by my quilt frame to hold my needles --if I can ever find time to quilt on it??? one will go in my quilt class tote and I know I will find a home for the other one???
Here's a picture of the pin keeper I made:
I just love the looks of these--but am having a hard time finding the right sized glass bottles for the bottoms of them--this one hole in the top was not large enough for small buttons and that is what is usually put in them--I put small beads in this one--when my friend Anne was here to quilt with me this morning and I was finishing him--she remarked how much she liked it--SO--I gave it to her!!!!
The pattern is called "Little Bird Pinkeeps" and is by Renee Plains and the company is Liberty Star--I picked the pattern up at my local quilt shop--last week or so.

Well, I need to go for now--take care and keep stitching---Hugs, just, Di

Monday, June 29, 2009


They thunder storms for this afternoon and evening---AGAIN---so I am trying to get this in ahead of them--see if they can fool me????

I did it---Got the first 3 blocks of the Shabby Roses Bom done and am on the 4th one--surely in a months time I can get the 4th and the 5th one done and be all caught up to date on them?????
SO hold on to your "seats"--mine are alittle different----------
Here is Block 1:
And block 2:
And block 3--I did the fabric pieces with needle turn applique and when possible I did use the new Cosmos thread--but I did also use the DMC varigated thread that Jennifer used for her's--these are alot of fun to do and they are coming out sooo pretty--thank you, Jennifer!!

Well, I need to get back to the Minnesota Blog shop hop and visit the rest of the "girls".

See ya tomorrow--if it doesn't storm all day??????? Hugs, Di

Sunday, June 28, 2009

So far it's a Beautiful sunny Sunday!!!

Yep, so far--but I do see some clouds rolling in--so I have been real busy on here trying to get alot done that I had wanted to do last week-
well, not so much on this site as on my Workbasket site--I am now keeping that one more for my monthly goals and then finishes --things like that and will probably only be on that one once a week so this is the site to keep your eyes on!!!!

So let's start this show off with my fabric purchase yesterday--
These are some of Sue's buy one yard get one yard free--and they are mainly just for my stash pile?????
And these are the two issues of Country Threads that I spent the evening on reading --cover to cover!!!
And this is the pattern I bought when I ordered the last order of Cosmos thread--I am thinking I will do mine in blue fabrics as most of my snowman collection is all blue--what do you think??
And can you believe that this is another BOM pattern series--this will come in the mail each month--and they are really different and so I just had to do it?????????
And I also found really "cute" apron pattern at the same place as the above Bom pattern--which is the Serendipity Quilt Co.

I know just don't say it Ok--( that I love patterns, and fabrics and quilts, and threads, and????)
It is suppose to keep me out of trouble--you did notice the word --suppose---didn't you???

Well--I need to do some work on my blog lists for this site, so have a great Sunday and I will see you tomorrow if we don't have T-storms in the area????

Blessings to you and yours--hugs, just, Di

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well, here in my part of New York state we have been having a few days of thunder storms--AND I DO NOT GO NEAR THE COMPUTER IN STORMS OR DURING THE THREAT OF STORMS--so I am way behind in reading my blogs and updating this site for you---I am trying to keep up with the Minnesota Blog Shop Hop and that is all I have been able to get in on the computer between storms---I DO HAVE LOTS OF PICTURES though!! So here goes----
I still needed to do this pattern for my local shop as a model--the applique blocks there was 9 of them--they used "fuse on web" I do not use that--I do needle turn applique--here we go:
And here is another set:

I actually started with the pear tree block first--as I figured it would be the hardest--trying to get all those little pieces of fabric to look like little pears--but I do have to say they were not as bad as I thought they would be????? Took them to the Quilt shop today so they can finish the quilt--oh and I used the Frosted Memories charm pack to make these up.
And I even got some sewing done for myself yesterday and I got the pillows made for my bed--I made the bright pink polka dot one and the dark green on on the right of the dolly--I used on old hankie to add some "charm" to the pillow and color:
Here is a close up of them.

I have alot of flower pictures to show you--but I must go get my shower now as it is getting rather late and I am ready to sit down and read the last issues of the Country Threads Magazines--maybe I will get back on tomorrow--but they are saying more thunder storms for the next two days--don't those weather men know I have alot of computer work to catch up on this week end--what is the matter with them???????

Have a great Sunday--Love, Just, Di

PS I did finally get my newest order of Cosmos thread today--I now have about 65 colors--they are all so pretty!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


What can I say--my day did not go at all as I had sorta planned it--had a lot of "I would like to sews " on it--but instead it was one of those days, where other's had plans for me and my "to do list"--oh well, I have learned to go with the flow and to be flexible--what else can one do????
Had some small interruptions before 10:30, then went down and made Mary here tea and we solved Matlock and had some laughs--came and did sew a little bit before lunch--after lunch the Administer here took me to the greenhouse in M. Falls and we bought lots of flowers for the 3 gardens I do here--and she even wanted me to get some perennials for them--so we came back with alot to plant--even though the selection was very short this time of year--my sister did help me plant alot of them and then I had to water them all--there was the most beautiful butterfly out in my big flower garden--wished I had taken my camera?????
Well here is a look at my once again "make-over" kitchen wall--I just got this ice cream sign a couple weeks ago and I just love it and so I decided it need to be in a 'center stage" area--and here is a picture of the one little white shelf:
The old ice cream carton was a brand that was actually made here in Watkins Glen years ago and I collect creamer--there is 3 of them up there--WAIT--you say what is that "bright" pink thingy on the shelf--well that is a tiny pink pig that seems to keep showing up all around my kitchen!!!

Well, I need to get busy on the Minnesota shop hop--see ya soon--smiles-Di

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Am I having "fun" yet???

I do believe our summer weather is on it's way--actually I liked the weather the way it was--so far--but maybe a little more sunshine is all--but oh well--I can usually sew in any kind of weather!! Am working on another quilt shop model for my local shop--it's a Chmas one from Hatched and Patched--I am doing all the applique and the embroidery--I am about half-way done--pictures tomorrow on them--!!

Today I thought I would show you some pictures I just took of our complex from the outside:
This the community garden--it's really growing this year!!!!
This is one section in the back side--
This is a part of the one wing--from the above picture to the east of the wing--
And this picture goes to the west of the first picture--
This in the front of the building in front of the main office and this is where everyone sits to wait the world go by and do their gossiping--Oh now it's not called gossiping it's just entertainment????
And this is the east wing in the front on the street side and my apartment is the one upstairs with the A/C in the window--and talking about A/C's I hope my newest neighbors don't mind ac noise--you see for the past week now a family of sparrow's has been making a big nest right under the ac--I have watched them work soo hard at this and today one even came in with a big white feather to pad the nest!!!!
And one pretty picture from nature--a old style rose from a bush across the street--well I am off to do the Minnesota blog shop hop--won't you join me????

Have a great one tomorrow---hugs, Di

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some finishes on BOM"s

Got me two more bom blocks all done:
Add ImageThis is an applique block for the Friendship Flower Garden Bom from the Netherlands I am doing. I have had the apple tree fabric for awhile, but I had "faith" that just the right block would need this print some day??
And this is another applique block for the bom for Village Gardens by My Quilt Village site--remember this one I am doing all in strips and polka dots--and I am having fun with this one--I am on the wild side with it--can't wait to see how they all come out?????

Well, I am joining the Minnesota Online Shop Hop, so I need to go do that now--If you need more info on it see the This and That site in my blog list--OK!!!

See ya soon--Hey we had some sunshine here in NY today---goodie----Hugs, just, Di

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Rain doesn't stop them--

It's raining it's pouring--but the old man was not snoring today--not around here, anyways????
Today was our annual Cardboard Boat races and let me tell you--rain doesn't stop these people--They have a parade first of all the boats, but today, it was kinda hard to see the actual boats as everyone had them covered to keep the wet out before they got them wet in the lake, but here's a few pictures for you--
Oh and there was still a crowd to watch the parade:
And I believe this group was with one of the boats:
This one was cute--two young girls were sitting on the tailgate and blowing bubbles and they had on shower caps and the cutest outfits:
Here's one:
Here's the young boys boat--they had clear plastic garbage bags on for raincoats--soo cute:
And here is one with little girls riding on it--they were so cute:
And here is one of big boys boats from one of the colleges near here: I think it's a law here for this boat race that if you are of age you must carry a beverage container in your hands--no one is with one!!!!!
And here is some of my fellow residents here at the Jefferson watching from our parking lot--they don't let some of them out--but I can come and go as I please?????---JUST JOKING--
And at the cross walk I seen this beautiful dog--He was a big one and his coloring was just beautiful and he was well behaved!!!!
When I went to get these pictures it was only raining alittle--but it poured after I came back in and it rained hard off and on all day--but it didn't keep people from coming--so I guess we can say my town was all wet today!!!!

Here's another little project that I did get done this afternoon, besides the sewing I showed you on my workbasket site:
I have had this wooden chicken for a long, long time and I have not really liked her dress--SOOOO today she got a new one:
She sure looks different now--bright and cheery--and did you notice that she had aprons on her dress and that it has chickens on it--how funny!!!!

Well, need to go for now--some fabric sites are calling my name--Have a wonderful Sunday and stay dry---Hugs, Di

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Still working on---

Yes--I am still working on the "redo"--but I do believe I can see an end in sight for me--HOPEFULLY--what isn't done or I can't use by tomorrow night I think I will just open my window and toss it out?????? I am soooo ready to get back to sewing and quilting full time again!!!
I did take time twice today to go down and spend some time with my friend Mary--went down at 10:30 and got her ice water made for her and her cup of tea and we finished watching Matlock, then I took a break this afternoon from cleaning out file drawers and office things and took some chocolate chip ice cream and my new red bowls down for a treat and a visit--the work will wait!!
It was a hazy day here with rain off and on -- but it made for a good work inside day!!!

I did do alittle handwork first thing this morning and changed my mind on the binding fabric for the Tisket/Tasket block #6???????

See ya tomorrow---take care---silly, Di

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Bee today!!

I have been busy all day today--but was only able to get a small amount of stitching done--because as we all know sometimes that darn life get in the way!!!!
Laundry was one of my objectives today--and would you believe, I think everyone in the complex knew it and there was a line of residents trying to do theirs today too--so I didn't get to do mine until 3:30 this afternoon--but I was determined to do it TODAY--usually Mon is my day, but wanted to be available in case my sister needed me to help her--as for the picture above, sure wished I could of hung mine outside??????

I also went and seen my friend Mary downstairs, and I did some redo on the decorating here in the apartment--I put new fabric strips in the back of my little hutch--it's blue this time and redid the look--I know "we" just did that--the rearranging--but I have added some things to my treasure stash and wanted to use them????? Then I also redid my new Hoosier cabinet--we had trouble with it coming together the first time--I thought it looked too full--well--I redid it and it still looks full--cause I did take some things out--but you know me -- put some other things in it---SOOOOOOOOOOOOO?????

Here is a picture of my Peonies -- when I cleaned out the garden on the little knoll, there was a nearly dead peony bush there--but I did discover 3 root pieces that had tiny little shoots on them so I planted them--and the leaves have come up each year, but this is the first year for some flowers--YES--they are huge and so pretty--well worth the wait:
So everyone have a great day tomorrow--until then--I will be thinking of all of you.

Hugs, Di

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