Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Bee today!!

I have been busy all day today--but was only able to get a small amount of stitching done--because as we all know sometimes that darn life get in the way!!!!
Laundry was one of my objectives today--and would you believe, I think everyone in the complex knew it and there was a line of residents trying to do theirs today too--so I didn't get to do mine until 3:30 this afternoon--but I was determined to do it TODAY--usually Mon is my day, but wanted to be available in case my sister needed me to help her--as for the picture above, sure wished I could of hung mine outside??????

I also went and seen my friend Mary downstairs, and I did some redo on the decorating here in the apartment--I put new fabric strips in the back of my little hutch--it's blue this time and redid the look--I know "we" just did that--the rearranging--but I have added some things to my treasure stash and wanted to use them????? Then I also redid my new Hoosier cabinet--we had trouble with it coming together the first time--I thought it looked too full--well--I redid it and it still looks full--cause I did take some things out--but you know me -- put some other things in it---SOOOOOOOOOOOOO?????

Here is a picture of my Peonies -- when I cleaned out the garden on the little knoll, there was a nearly dead peony bush there--but I did discover 3 root pieces that had tiny little shoots on them so I planted them--and the leaves have come up each year, but this is the first year for some flowers--YES--they are huge and so pretty--well worth the wait:
So everyone have a great day tomorrow--until then--I will be thinking of all of you.

Hugs, Di

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