Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dust Ruffle??

Well, today I designed(!!!!) a new pink plaid dust ruffle for the bed--I used the same fabric as on the curtains and an old fitted sheet and this is how I put it together:

Do you know how hard it is to iron a dust ruffle--at least this one was straight --and the hard part was also the fact that I hope to get a new box springs and mattress that are all organic in the fall--so needed to keep that in mind when designing this ruffle!!!

I realize this may not look too cute yet--but remember I am no where finished on the decorating of the bedroom, yet. One of my next projects is "pillows" and then you will see this room really "pop"!!!!!

The peach colored iris in the side garden that I tend to is now in bloom:
They look pink here--and in my little garden on the hill I found this treasure:
Just the one small flower--but soooo pretty!!

Make a glass of cold ice tea and sit on the porch and enjoy it, today--(or if you are in the fall climate--have a hot cup of tea!!) Just Me--Di
PS this is #98??????

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  1. You seem to be surrounded by beautiful flowers. I bet your room will look lovely when you've finished. Have a fun day, Anne-Lise


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