Monday, June 1, 2009


I do believe I am at 96 for Quilting is blissful blog site--I will be doing special on the "100th" one--SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO----be sure to stay tuned--you just never know????????

Thought is was time to unveil my "slave-driver", so here is a picture of my sister, Barbara--
You can get a better picture of the quilt top she is holding up on the Workbasket site--

I was in alot of pain today--just plain lots of body pain, so I did not go anywhere--but once I had finished my part of the quilt for my local quilt shop--the "slave driver" had me in the bedroom working--I got the new valance made for the window--can't wait to see it up--hopefully tomorrow afternoon. Barbara also found out today that she will be moving in this senior housing on June 15th--so she won't be very far away and she won't have to climb the hill every night--she can't wait--so we have to really stick to our "guns" here and get my place finished--cause then she will be busy on her own apartment!!!!

Here's the pictures of the two pillows I got at the rummage sale on Saturday:
And this one:
Now to find them a "home" within my home?????

Don't forget to take some time and "smell" the flowers as you are rushing around --Smiles, Di
PS remember I only paid a dollar a piece for them!!!!!!!


  1. The rose cushion would look great in my kitchen - has a shabby roses look for the summer! So your sister will be closer to you? Thats nice. I have a 10 hour drive to my sister or a very expensive planefare. So we don't see each other that often. Hope you are feeling better today. Hugs, Anne-Lise

  2. Wow - those pillows are both very pretty. I'm going to have to start going to sales!!!

    Glad you're feeling better. I understand about body pain!!


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