Thursday, June 4, 2009

In the RED today!!

Did not do any work on the bedroom today, instead I moved on to the kitchen????? And now the kitchen is pretty much done---hopefully--need to clean the stove and the refrigerator and I need one little shelf for the wall behind my sink--OH, and I nearly forgot there is a couple drawers that someone needs to sort and clean out--you know how that goes??????
I do not have any pictures of the kitchen tonight but will try to get some in the morning--and I know you will be surprised--it is so enjoyable to walk in there now and BRIGHT --Red can really be awakening color--I am hoping it will draw me into it's Brightness, so I will cook more often?????
Remember these fabrics--well they are all sewed up and in the kitchen--wait until you see the pictures?????

Take care and keep on stitching and gardening----Blessings-Di


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