Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was going to work on some projects yesterday and so I started on the new pattern--for the bird pin keep--got one sewed and I had picked out six or more fabric combo's for more when I remembered that I do not mass produce craft items any more!!!! But I wanted one for myself in the Diane Knott's fabric line I had gotten a couple months ago--along with a couple other accessories from her fabric--so I did just that--first I found the pieces of fabric for my "thread catcher" in the drawer that I had started months ago--got the ones done for gifts--but never got around to finishing mine??? took me a "few" minutes to figure it out as I could not find the pattern--I had gotten at Quilt club one month--but the "old" brain came though and I did it!!! Then I did the bird and made it into a Chatelaine and I used pink rick-rack for the ribbon--then I fussy cut 3 sewing items from Diane's fabric and made pincushions and so here is the pictures of my set:
Here is the chatelaine and the thread catcher:
And here is the three pin cushions--the little heart I am gluing on to a thread spool holder to keep by my quilt frame to hold my needles --if I can ever find time to quilt on it??? one will go in my quilt class tote and I know I will find a home for the other one???
Here's a picture of the pin keeper I made:
I just love the looks of these--but am having a hard time finding the right sized glass bottles for the bottoms of them--this one hole in the top was not large enough for small buttons and that is what is usually put in them--I put small beads in this one--when my friend Anne was here to quilt with me this morning and I was finishing him--she remarked how much she liked it--SO--I gave it to her!!!!
The pattern is called "Little Bird Pinkeeps" and is by Renee Plains and the company is Liberty Star--I picked the pattern up at my local quilt shop--last week or so.

Well, I need to go for now--take care and keep stitching---Hugs, just, Di


  1. Fascinating - I haven't heard of a pinkeeper before - lovely accessories!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Cute, Di. Haven't got round to trying the pattern out yet, but will get round to it soon. Have a great day!

  3. Hi Di!
    Thanks for telling me that you used my pins fabric on your projects. Just what I needed this morning to make me begin my day with a smile!
    They're adorable! And using the little cut-outs was exactly what I had in mind when I designed the fabric! I hoped quilters would cut them out and make pincushions and maybe applique them onto things too.
    Here's hoping you can run between the raindrops that just don't seem to be letting up!
    Hugs and Happy Stitching!
    Diane (Say hi to Sue for me!)


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