Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Curtains--

Well, those new pink plaid curtains I made yesterday did find their way on the curtain rod and onto the wall--
Above is the old pair that has been up about 3 years:
And here is another view:
I just love walking into my bedroom/quilt room now and we only have the curtain up!!!! As you can tell from the first picture my ironing board is directly in front of the window and one sewing machine is on a table about the middle of the ironing board and the other one is on an old desk in the corner by the end of the ironing board. The wood sign above the window is one from my craft shop and I kept it all these years and I feel it fits right in over the window. It is hard to see in this picture but my sister and I also put up a ivy garland that also had a rose garland in pink roses above the curtain rod--it really is cute--will try to take another picture so you can see the garland, too. We had to walk back over to the quilt shop this afternoon for alittle more fabric for a couple things we want to make for the bedroom--soooooooooooo, I'll be busy for a few days, actually sewing and not quilting!!!!!

Be sure to take a walk today around the block and enjoy someone else's flower garden--every thing is coming up right now and blossoming--roses are just starting here in NY. Enjoy--Di

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  1. Pretty pink. And nice view when ironing! Enjoy your sewing.


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