Wednesday, June 24, 2009


What can I say--my day did not go at all as I had sorta planned it--had a lot of "I would like to sews " on it--but instead it was one of those days, where other's had plans for me and my "to do list"--oh well, I have learned to go with the flow and to be flexible--what else can one do????
Had some small interruptions before 10:30, then went down and made Mary here tea and we solved Matlock and had some laughs--came and did sew a little bit before lunch--after lunch the Administer here took me to the greenhouse in M. Falls and we bought lots of flowers for the 3 gardens I do here--and she even wanted me to get some perennials for them--so we came back with alot to plant--even though the selection was very short this time of year--my sister did help me plant alot of them and then I had to water them all--there was the most beautiful butterfly out in my big flower garden--wished I had taken my camera?????
Well here is a look at my once again "make-over" kitchen wall--I just got this ice cream sign a couple weeks ago and I just love it and so I decided it need to be in a 'center stage" area--and here is a picture of the one little white shelf:
The old ice cream carton was a brand that was actually made here in Watkins Glen years ago and I collect creamer--there is 3 of them up there--WAIT--you say what is that "bright" pink thingy on the shelf--well that is a tiny pink pig that seems to keep showing up all around my kitchen!!!

Well, I need to get busy on the Minnesota shop hop--see ya soon--smiles-Di


  1. Your kitchen is so nice, Di! The sign is great.
    Have a nice day!

  2. The wall looks great. Come and decorate my house for me!



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