Friday, June 12, 2009

Three Sister's!!

My other sister, June, showed up at 1:00 pm and the first place we had our "taxi" driver (June's husband) take us was to the new country store over town--I bought her a pretty set of windchimes she found, that had a saying about sister's on it--cute. I was good just spent $4.00 on two little things for myself????
Then we went to Walmart as we all needed to pick up a couple things--then we came back here and the three of us visited awhile--while the taxi driver stayed with Ms. Teddy the dog in the van??) June bought sister Barb some books and me some books--here is a couple of mine:
I love small books like this one and I loved this lady--Tasha Tudor--all her books are just beautiful and a treasure to have. My sister also brought me the following:
I collect these cute little knife spatula's--I will have to get my other's out and take their picture too!!!

Then we were off to the Book sale--I showed the Quilting books I got on the other blog site, but I also got:
I collect the real small books and I also have some that have a charm on a ribbon with them and I seen this one sitting there all by itself--needing a new home and boy did I snatch it up and how it is happily with others like it!!

Now here is the BARGAIN--girls--look what I got for just 10 cents each:
And guess how many I got????? Would you believe I got nearly "50" of them--wonder if they are a collector's item now that they are no longer in print????

While my sister, Barb, and I was waiting downstairs for sister, June, I went across the street and took these pictures of some old type rose bushes:
I am so happy with these pictures--they came out soooo good--and it was a good thing I took them when I did -- cause last night we had some heavy rains and today the roses are on the ground--sooo sad. PS and the first picture on this post is the same bush as the first pink rose.

Well, it's late Friday night and here's the beginning of another week-end--so have fun, and be safe. Love, Di

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