Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A WINNER--Sort of????

CONGRADULATIONS TO ANNE-LISSE of Norway--you have won the gift for my 100th blog posting--it seems you where the only one to leave me a comment--which did surprise me as I know there are more out there who read this blog daily and do leave comments--maybe it was a wrong week-end and every one was really busy--or maybe it was because I did not actually show the gift on the post--not sure--maybe someone out there will "enlighten me" --But I know that Anne-Lisse is Happy nobody else left a comment--so Anne without any more "to-do" here is your gift:
I will be mailing you my first "Christmas" gift for the year 2009--the Christmas Mice sampler from Cinderberry Stitches by Natalie Lymer---Enjoy!!!

Well, that's over--now to work on toward the 200th post!!!!!
My sister and I are still working on redecorating my apartment--can't believe how long it is taking us---but I guess "all good things take time"---Guess I will start with some pictures of my rummage sale finds on Saturday--it was our Village Day Sales here--so off we went--
These plant hangers have now found a new home in my bathroom--cost $1.00--maybe I will get the picture done of bathroom tomorrow????
And this cute stand also found a new home in the bathroom--cost: $1.00!!!
I just could not leave this picture sitting on the sale table--it just somehow "spoke" to me, even though I do not have any babies--except my growed up ones!!! This was also $1.00 and now has a home in my bedroom:
We put some of my baby dresses--that are also rummage sale items from long ago around the picture--see the little pink dress top with the little blue and white shoes on it--the little shoes were my son's--32 years ago and the little dress has hand embroidery on it and on the collar it says "Diane"--so I keep that--even though I never wore it as a child>
I had my camera with me for part of the day and we saw these roses on this porch and then we ran into this bush with these lower roses and I took some pictures--
The little dots are still rain drops from the evening before--so delightful--have noticed this week that alot of roses around here are just starting to "pop" out and the bushes are just LOADED, with buds and flowers.

Take care and go out and find a rose bush and take a "smell" and maybe a picture or two to show the rest of us!!!!!!



  1. Di! It's gorgeous - thank you very much!!! I am so glad everyone else missed that blog!! It will be one of my Christmas treasures and hung every year - promise! (I'll send a photo). What a cute idea to hang the dresses on the wall - it really looks sweet. Hugs from Anne-Lise

  2. Congats to Anne-Lise . . . . and to you on your milestone post *s*

    Love the wall decor with the dresses and picture.


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