Friday, July 31, 2009


I did manage to get one more finish and this one is a total finish--I actually got one hand quilted!! Started this good year and half ago or so???? It is my own design !!:
And I used one whole line of fabric for this one--usually I add some or put together a bunch to make my quilts!!!

===THERE IS 200 YO-YO'S HERE====
As my goal had been only 100 for the month of July--I am really happy with this pile of 200!!!
Will I make yo-yo' s in August--YES--BUT--not the red and white ones--have a Christmas project to work on instead--and that's all I am saying about it?????????

HO HO HO---OFF I WENT SHOPPING TO DAY==and I brought home these fabrics:
Batch #1:
Batch #2:
Batch #3:
Batch #4:
This is just some fabrics for detail work--backgrounds, backings, whatever:
And this piece I just fell in love with--so had to get a yard--but I already think I know how I am going to use it????
And I had gotten this charm pack for one project and I had already gotten the Winter Song charm pack for another project--but after getting them together I have decided to switch them for the projects--I also need a jelly roll to go with one of charm pack and my shop doesn't have them--so I will have to try one of the quilt company's on here to see if I can get the rest of the fabrics for the line I need--in the mean time--I do believe I have lots to keep me BUSY????

IS everybody ready for the 1st of August????? Time is aflyin!!!! see ya soon, Hugs, just, Di

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have waited 1 1/2 YEARS to use this----

I have waited for a year and a half to use one piece of fabric that I got just for a border on a quilt and FINALLY this morning I was able to sew it on and here she is in all her 'GLORY':
This is the 2008 Quilt Club block of the month from my local quilt shop--we were all given the same fabrics and it was our choice whether to use them or add some of our own--well, for those of you who don't know me well yet--I will let you in on a little secret about "me"--I always have to do something "different" than the rest of crowd--( You know if the crowd is going to the left--I end up going to the right--and if everyone is into brown's I have to be into pinks???????) any way I did not care for the border that our leader had used for her border--so I looked around and fell in love with this one--it kinda reminds me of apple blooms---I did use some of the roses fabrics in the quilt and I fussy cut them for the center of a couple blocks--also there is a little black dot in the border fabric so I decided to add some black here and there. Here's the first picture I took after I got it finished today:
My sister is holding it up in front of the window--doesn't it look like a stained glass quilt????

And she held up the paper pieced one so I could show you a better picture of the colors:
And here is the block for August for quilt club that we got today--I had to get it done after I got home--cause I said come the 1st--it's all just Christmas for a month--which will really be hard with all the new bom's coming in for August--but a girl's gotta do--what a girl's gotta do!!!
And now here is some other quilter's show and tell's for todays quilt club meeting:
And the gal that made this quilt--turned the leftover's into this one:
Nice Job---
Now here is a red,white,blue one!!!
And see I am not the only one who is thinking and working on Christmas??????

Well--tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the Christmas challenge--you just have to do "3" projects during the month of August. You can leave you name on this post under the comments if you would like to join "us"??????

Take Care have some fun tomorrow---hugs, just, Di

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stitched all day--YES!!!!

Oh Happy Day--I was able to actually stitch all day--except for eating meals--OH what a great feeling that was--and I got one project nearly off my goal list for July--I just need to sew the 2 borders on it--hopefully in the morning--finished the applique on it today.
And I worked on the paper piecing project--it really isn't too bad using the tissue paper patterns--have to say I actually enjoyed this project--course some of it might also be because of the prints I used--anyway I am sewing right along and was sewing on the last row of blocks and when I turned it over to press--OUCH--now do I cry or Laugh??? can you see what I did????
(sorry the picture is bleary11) I did it again--I seem to have a habit of doing this--I must get in a hurry or get excited about it being the last row--cause I always seem to sew that last row on the wrong side:
Now this is how the the blocks are suppose to look--see the star in the center???
And here is the finished top--all ready for batting and backing--I really love the colors on this and this picture is not doing this quilt justice at all--I will try tomorrow to take another picture of it for you.

Well, I see alot of my blogging friends posted today--so I got to get busy reading--Have a great day and happy stitching----hugs, just, Di

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Class results!!!!

Wow--yesterday was an actual "Plan A" kinda day--they really don't happen all that often: I made it to class around 5:30--I am usually early--always like to look around, or look at the model some more and decide if I want some different/more fabric--and I did get 4 more pcs last night before class---Here's the full size wall hanging with my instructor holding it for me (of course it had to come out a little bleary--sorry):
The pattern we used is:
The pattern is by Cindi Edgerton and is called the Little Bits- The one we used last night is called "Square on Square"--and it comes with the tissue paper foundation for the sewing--there is enough tissue patterns that you can make 3 of the wall hangings--that's neat!!
This is the center of Joey's quilt--the instructor and here is mine:
I used a couple of the same fabrics and then added a couple others to make mine alittle different--I am one of "THOSE" People who like to be different----
This is the block that you needed 4 of just alike to make the star part of the pattern:
And here are my four that I completed this afternoon--again the picture is off on the colors--but hopefully you can get a good idea here--tomorrow I hope to get the 4 corner blocks made!!!
I did learn how to do paper piecing the correct way--I had some knowledge of it and had done a couple things on my own--so I had mainly taken the class because I really liked the model and it's colors--and I wanted to see if I really did know what I was doing--when I came out of class at 9pm to walk home the sky was dark, but no clouds as you could see the bright golden sliver of the moon glowing in the sky--that made taking the class even more special.

Will I do more paper piecing after this one wall hanging is done--well--I will just keep you all guessing for now????????

Take care stay safe--hugs, just, Di

Monday, July 27, 2009


Well so far anyways, it's been a beautiful day here in New York--I was ready to do my Post yesterday when my sister came by and wanted to go for pizza---PIZZA--that's a magic word for me--I like it with just cheese though--so guess I am a boring person when it comes to eating pizza!!! We did find a rummage sale on the way and this is what I bought:
I just love it--see the quilt in the center--and a basket of gingerbread's on one side and a basket of fruit on the other--it cost me a whole 50 cents--it's on my door already this morning!!!

As I was eating lunch yesterday I heard a "tiny" noise and I looked up--realized it was coming from Mrs. Perkins way and this is what I seen:

OH dear, she looks like she is hiding -- she must of done something she knows better about--I don't know how stuffed critters can get into so much trouble--but they do!!!!

OK blogging friends this is no time to be sleeping on the job--you need to sign up for Diane's Christmas in Aug challenge--you just need to make 3 Christmas items during the month of August and they can even be UFO's --you will be soo glad you joined and have a bit of a head start on the holidays--once Sept gets here--time really flys to Christmas--so--just leave me your name on the comment post that you want to join---thanks

Well, I need to pack for a Quilt class tonight and then get a little nap in--that is if the "guy' get done making all kinds of noise doing the yard work!!!! Tonight's class is a surprise for me in that I actually signed up for it: one Sharon is not teaching this one two: it's at night--I don't do night's too brain dead by then Three I have to pack up my sewing machine--it's light weight--but I still hate lugging a machine to class four: it's on paper piecing--I am not a fan of paper piecing--too many little pieces, thread and paper to clean up afterwards--I can make enough messes all on my own without doing a mess on purpose!!!! So why am I taking this class--I love the look of the quilt and the fabrics and the colors of the quilt--pretty much civil war prints--so that's it in a nut shell--

stayed tuned for the pictures of class tomorrow in the mean time--happy stitching--Hugs, just, Di

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Christmas choices????

I did get a picture of the new Christmas quilt book I bought last Thursday:
I love the house here on the cover--see the little candle lights in the windows--sooo country and soo cute--and there is several projects inside I would like to do also!!!!
I am doing a BOM from Pearl Louise designs called "Nesting"--lots of birds and garden items on the blocks--so this month I also ordered the redwork pattern of the Sunbonnet Sues in the garden too--and this gal is so neat--she always sends you a free pattern each month too--this months is the Christmas tree with the Sunbonnet Sue--sooooo you can guess what my very first Christmas project will be in August------Thanks Pearl Louise!!

Do you see what this cup is????? the handle is a swan's neck and it makes a swan--a girlfriend gave this to me yesterday along with this basket--
I love different style baskets and I do use them for all kinds of things--wonder how I will use this one?????

Have a great Sunday and don't forget to "rest" alittle to ---Hugs, smiles, just, Di

Friday, July 24, 2009

Life does not want me to quilt????

I do believe that "life" does not want me to get any sewing done???? It seems everytime I sit to quilt someone comes and wants me to go someplace, or I need to leave cause someone has done something "smelly" around here and I have to leave til the air clears--or there's a crisis of some kind--like I said it's just that thing called "life"--you would think that with no DH or any kids at home or even living in the same state, that my life and my time would be a free as a bird--well, like I said think again--bloggers--it just doesn't work that way???? Ok Diane enough crying in your milk--get on to some good stuff!!!!

Bee's--well here is a Bee of a story for you--the maintenance man here at the Jefferson Apts decided to spray along the building for the weeds -- and they had gotten him some spray that is "organic"--well--I am all for organic, believe me--but I also know that just because it says on the label organic doesnot mean that it is safe to be used or "breathed"--and this stuff was "toxic" to breathe--I live on the 2nd floor--but it was sooo strong that it still came in the window's--so my sister and I decided a little walk around town was "calling us"--and we had seen a house down the street about 5 blocks that had some beautiful flowers in the yard--so off we trucked--and here are some of the pictures--notice all the bee's--these bee's are in bee heaven today!!!
This lady gardens all day long and she is well noted for her flowers and I know in the Bee world she is well loved as well--these little guys did not even mind us taking there pictures--just don't get in the way of the Honey::::::

Well, I am sure you have seen enough pictures of flowers this year--but I just love doing photos of them and then sharing my photos.
well I need to get back to meeting some of the bloggers that are doing the Sig block swap--so I am off for now to blog land----

Have a great wild fun sunny week end---hugs, just, Di
PS this is our forecast for New York state:
See ya!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plan B today!!!

It was a day of changed plans today--first I was having alot of trouble with my eyes burning--something in the air--so had to close windows and turn A/C on --that helped and then the phone rang and it was the quilt shop and my class for today was cancelled because Sharon the instructor had fallen and sprained her right wrist really bad---SORRY SHARON. So I mostly worked on my applique from last years class--this afternoon I did get a ride to the quilt shop and got another Christmas quilt book--more on that tomorrow!!!

Knitting--I know alot of us knit off and on and some all the time--when I was at the Library the other day I found this book and it is really neat and I wanted to share it with you:
This is the book --anyone seen it before--look at the page inside:
This is now divided into 3 separate flip over sections--look at next picture:
Now see how the cuff and the ankle parts still the same, but the heel and foot are different:
If you look closely you can see a different style ankle piece:
now if you look you will see that the cuff part and the heel and toe are different--you flip these 3 sections until you create the sock you want to knit and then you look up the directions--how fun is that?????

Happy Knitting--see ya tomorrow---Hugs, Just, Di

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