Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A bear gets a new home!!

Remember I told you about the rummage sale I went to Saturday morning and I got the old sewing case--well, my sister and I went back later in the day and I got a cute black velvet hat, black cotton long sweater and :
This little bear "cryed" out that she wanted and needed a new home--being a "sucker" for bears that cry--and even when they don't cry out--I picked her up from under one of the tables and looked her over--first--she is too dressy for me and second she had food or something all over her dress---BUT--I still paid the high price of 10 cents and carted her home with me--here I undid her out fit and found just the perfect one for her, so she would feel more comfortable here:
I have had little dolly dress for a long time and it was on a little hanger in my bedroom--it fit her perfect and the little old had that I had picked up recently at a sale also fit her--so now she is a Country Bear!!!! Oh and I took her dirty outfit and soaked it in a pan of lukewarm water and white vinegar and it came out nice and clean--so she has a fancy outfit to go to parties!!! Here's a better picture of her hat:
Oh and I found ONE necktie there to start my collection for a Christmas project--and no it is not a tree shirt!!!!
The picture at the top I took last night while out on my walk!!

TUNE in tomorrow for a "Quack of a story"?????/ Smiles n hugs, just, Di--and yes I did stitch today!!!!


  1. Oh, I just love that bear - she is so cute.
    Her new outfit is perfect!

  2. Your new bear is so cute! She looks so happy in her new outfit.

  3. Di,
    So nice to meet you, I found you after you visited my blog.
    Love your little bear, & her new country outfit is so cute.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the tie. I have a bag full of my Father's ties that I want to make some type of quilt with.


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