Thursday, July 16, 2009

A couple SURPRISES!!

It was an evening of surprises for me last night after I got off the computer---First, was I did go and finish reading my book--this one--
OH MY what a good good book--it was a "page turner" for sure and I just loved the ending as it had some "SURPRISES" AND I love books that do that--has anyone else read this?????

After I finished the book I knew I could not just go to bed--so decided I would check out the Christmas craft books I had also picked up at the Library:
I read the one on top and did find a couple things for Christmas I would like to make--and don't worry--it has to do with sewing--I need to watch for men's neckties at sales???? Then I picked up the second book--I am not really sure why I got it out as I seen doll style items in it and I really haven't done that stuff in a very long time--guess it was all the red and white pictures it had in it--I started by reading the inside cover and I nearly fell out of my chair when I realized who had written this book--
Look in the lower right hand corner--do you see it????
Yes this book is by "Tilda"--I learned about her in Blog land this spring and wanted her spring craft book with the dolls and rabbits in it--but was unable to afford it then and then me forgot about it--all my BOM's took over---????

Isn't God full of neat "surprises"--he knew I wanted to see the books by Tilda and so he provided it for me and I almost "missed" it---I wondered all night how "many" times have I missed his blessings and answer to prayers, cause I am looking in the wrong places????????

Happy crafting----hugs, just, Di


  1. Hi Di - I love books too and have one by Tilda as well. I just discovered her last fall through the wonderful land of blogs.

    Yes, those goats were so cute and I was so tempted but I am working hard and downsizing so I can move next year. And I have enough critters to take care of already!!! :)

  2. I like Tilda too but haven't got round to making anything yet. Will be on the lookout for that Xmas book though :)OH Di, how do you sew the yo-yos together? Have never seen before! Hope you get plenty done today.


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