Friday, July 17, 2009

Down to the end of the Lake--I found-----

After I got done on the computer last night I went out for my "treasure hunt" and to see what I might want to take a picture of---for my "treasures" I found a couple more nicely shaped sticks for my jar and a birds feather!!!! And here is a couple of the pictures I took:
Here is where I have been taking all the pictures of the Hollyhocks:
These orange flowers are in the next flower bed down by the flag pole--not sure what they are, but for orange they are pretty!!!!

And here is a picture of Seneca Lake at nearly dusk--as I was walking along the path by the lake something caught my attention--I did take a picture--I realize it is a bit dark--but:
Do you see the shelf on the back of the boat--well, it seems it's a pretty good place for a few of the lake ducks to sleep for the night--and see the name of the boat--bet the ducks sleeping there are thinking just that---JACKPOT----!!!!

I did get some stitching done today, another applique bom done and half of another one--also went to the Farmer's mkt this afternoon and got some fresh blueberries and on down to the organic store for a few things.

Take care--oh Dear me--I realized that it is Friday evening--so have a safe and fun week-end with family and friends----Hugs, just, Di


  1. Thanks for the visit, Di! I'm enjoying my visit to your site.. very nice! I believe your second picture with the orange flower is "Butterfly Weed" (how dare anyone name such a beautiful flower 'weed', huh?). I love that flower, and have tried to grow it several times.. to no avail. It does grow wild in our pastures and woods here, but you really have to look for it. You live in a beautiful place - love the lake and boat pictures too. Come back to the Farm & visit anytime! -Tammy

  2. Lovely photos, Di. The ducks really were lucky that evening :)

  3. I love the flowers, the color is just brilliant! Thanks for the tour. I bet the ducks had a great nights sleep.


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