Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have waited 1 1/2 YEARS to use this----

I have waited for a year and a half to use one piece of fabric that I got just for a border on a quilt and FINALLY this morning I was able to sew it on and here she is in all her 'GLORY':
This is the 2008 Quilt Club block of the month from my local quilt shop--we were all given the same fabrics and it was our choice whether to use them or add some of our own--well, for those of you who don't know me well yet--I will let you in on a little secret about "me"--I always have to do something "different" than the rest of crowd--( You know if the crowd is going to the left--I end up going to the right--and if everyone is into brown's I have to be into pinks???????) any way I did not care for the border that our leader had used for her border--so I looked around and fell in love with this one--it kinda reminds me of apple blooms---I did use some of the roses fabrics in the quilt and I fussy cut them for the center of a couple blocks--also there is a little black dot in the border fabric so I decided to add some black here and there. Here's the first picture I took after I got it finished today:
My sister is holding it up in front of the window--doesn't it look like a stained glass quilt????

And she held up the paper pieced one so I could show you a better picture of the colors:
And here is the block for August for quilt club that we got today--I had to get it done after I got home--cause I said come the 1st--it's all just Christmas for a month--which will really be hard with all the new bom's coming in for August--but a girl's gotta do--what a girl's gotta do!!!
And now here is some other quilter's show and tell's for todays quilt club meeting:
And the gal that made this quilt--turned the leftover's into this one:
Nice Job---
Now here is a red,white,blue one!!!
And see I am not the only one who is thinking and working on Christmas??????

Well--tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the Christmas challenge--you just have to do "3" projects during the month of August. You can leave you name on this post under the comments if you would like to join "us"??????

Take Care have some fun tomorrow---hugs, just, Di


  1. Hi Di, the quilts are beautiful! I'm not getting much done at the moment as we aren't at home. Have got some xmas-y ideas floating around in my head....

  2. Your work on both quilts is gorgeous. The guild work is also lovely. I love the "leftover" quilt.

  3. I love your quilt tops Di! You are always so busy!


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