Friday, July 31, 2009


I did manage to get one more finish and this one is a total finish--I actually got one hand quilted!! Started this good year and half ago or so???? It is my own design !!:
And I used one whole line of fabric for this one--usually I add some or put together a bunch to make my quilts!!!

===THERE IS 200 YO-YO'S HERE====
As my goal had been only 100 for the month of July--I am really happy with this pile of 200!!!
Will I make yo-yo' s in August--YES--BUT--not the red and white ones--have a Christmas project to work on instead--and that's all I am saying about it?????????

HO HO HO---OFF I WENT SHOPPING TO DAY==and I brought home these fabrics:
Batch #1:
Batch #2:
Batch #3:
Batch #4:
This is just some fabrics for detail work--backgrounds, backings, whatever:
And this piece I just fell in love with--so had to get a yard--but I already think I know how I am going to use it????
And I had gotten this charm pack for one project and I had already gotten the Winter Song charm pack for another project--but after getting them together I have decided to switch them for the projects--I also need a jelly roll to go with one of charm pack and my shop doesn't have them--so I will have to try one of the quilt company's on here to see if I can get the rest of the fabrics for the line I need--in the mean time--I do believe I have lots to keep me BUSY????

IS everybody ready for the 1st of August????? Time is aflyin!!!! see ya soon, Hugs, just, Di


  1. I love the quilt you made. It's gorgeous. The Christmas fabric is too. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

  2. Hi Di. The cats are gorgeous! Love the fabrics! Still not sure what I'll make, but I'm on the xmas track now.

  3. Cute Kitty Quilt! Impressive yo-yo pile! I need to improve my yo-yo skills. Have a good weekend!

  4. Your quilt is adorable!! I love it and think it's clever you can make your own designs too. I can't do that as I can't even draw stick people. Oh, well, thank the good Lord for patterns :D
    Your fabrics you bought are lovely! I do love fabric!!
    Love the yo-yo's!
    Enjoy your weekend!


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