Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Riding the Bus!!!!

I got to do something today that I haven't done in lots, and lots, of years--I got to ride in a big yellow school bus---and even though it was only a 8 block ride--I trouble staying in one place in my seat--how ever did we do it all those years of school????? They do have seat belts now, but I also learned that the students do not have to wear them--this I truly don't understand????
I did have a good sewing day this afternoon, I got the following all done:
This is this month's Tisket Tasket block and I just loved the lamb on this one--and when I was looking for this red for the border, I found the blue with the stars that's on the flag and then I ran across the red, white, and blue stripe I could use for the flag part, so this is the way I went with it, now I can hang it up for any of the holidays where we hang up our flags!!!
Here is a close up of the details--I also added star buttons to each of the stars and then hand quilted it .
Here is a block for the Village Quilt Quilt--it's the one where I am only using strips and polka dots--have one more block in August to do and then we will be doing all the lattice and borders!!
And I got the Christmas Wish block all embroidered this afternoon--so I am truckin right along on the bom's--hope by Friday to have them all done--then I will have 2 weeks to do other quilting projects (just like I really need to do more--but I do promise some of the work will be on UFO's??????????)
Wellllll---that book I started last night and was up till 1:00am this morning reading has waited all day for me to finish it--and I have to say I have been a VERY GOOD GIRL to not pick it up to just that before this---it's one very good story--I will tell you all about it tomorrow--in the mean time have a great day with family and friends--Hugs, just, Di

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