Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sharon's on my mind??

Sharon Stroud my favorite quilt teacher is on my mind tonight as she has promised she will blog post every day in July?????? I always enjoy her posts and she always has neat pictures--and she is really the responsible for me being on here--so I hope you will pay her a visit--and would you believe her title on the post is "Sharon is out of her Mind???" she is over in one of my blog lists and there is a link there to get to her post--leave her a comment that I sent you--so she will be nice to me at the next class--wellllll- I mean "nicer" and maybe she will let me have 2 cups of the M&M's!!!!

Today was busy--I actually had to do some of that ugly word today---housework---this morning, then went down and got Mary her special tea and visited. Then came home and prep acouple blocks to start--block #6 of Shabby Roses, V.Views block #6 and one I got from the Minnesota blog hop--a tree branch with a bird!!!!
Shabby roses #5:
Shabby roses #4:

After lunch I had to walk over to the bank to deposit a check--and guess where my legs took me when I came out????? Yep--right across the street to the Quilt shop--and I did walk out with a lighter bank account!!! And here is the things that just had to come home with me---
I did not realize that their is applique patterns in this book for the blocks and for all the patterns within it--thought it just went with the panels that you can also buy--only problem I discovered is that the patterns are all in reverse for me--they are cause most people fuse applique--not me I have to be different and do needle turn--so that means I have to "turn" all the pattern sheets around and trace them from the backs!!!!!
The pattern is hard to see here--but it is a red cardinal sitting on top of a pine tree and they used this charm pack to make it--I am going to us the charm pack, but will change some of the colors--I know leave to me to be different!!!
NOW don't tell Sharon I bought this kit to learn paper piecing when she has taught me how to do hand piecing--and it was probably crazy of me--but "mom" everybody is doing it now--it's the newest thing here--and I don't want to be left behind, sooooo------
And of course there is always some basic supplies one must be needing--I was all out of stuffing, and even though I only use it occasionally I like to have it on hand--and then I am nearly out of the Best Press for ironing--am going to try the Cherry scented this time--by the way--they have an unscented--but guess what--it still has a strong scent for me and it bothered me--so let's try the Cherry????

Well, fellow bloggers--no one is getting any sewing done--so I must go and do some--Take care til tomorrow and don't forget to check out Sharon's site--hugs, just, Di

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  1. You do like lining up work! But the patterns look cute. I daren't approach a crafts shop til I get something finished ...


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