Monday, July 27, 2009


Well so far anyways, it's been a beautiful day here in New York--I was ready to do my Post yesterday when my sister came by and wanted to go for pizza---PIZZA--that's a magic word for me--I like it with just cheese though--so guess I am a boring person when it comes to eating pizza!!! We did find a rummage sale on the way and this is what I bought:
I just love it--see the quilt in the center--and a basket of gingerbread's on one side and a basket of fruit on the other--it cost me a whole 50 cents--it's on my door already this morning!!!

As I was eating lunch yesterday I heard a "tiny" noise and I looked up--realized it was coming from Mrs. Perkins way and this is what I seen:

OH dear, she looks like she is hiding -- she must of done something she knows better about--I don't know how stuffed critters can get into so much trouble--but they do!!!!

OK blogging friends this is no time to be sleeping on the job--you need to sign up for Diane's Christmas in Aug challenge--you just need to make 3 Christmas items during the month of August and they can even be UFO's --you will be soo glad you joined and have a bit of a head start on the holidays--once Sept gets here--time really flys to Christmas--so--just leave me your name on the comment post that you want to join---thanks

Well, I need to pack for a Quilt class tonight and then get a little nap in--that is if the "guy' get done making all kinds of noise doing the yard work!!!! Tonight's class is a surprise for me in that I actually signed up for it: one Sharon is not teaching this one two: it's at night--I don't do night's too brain dead by then Three I have to pack up my sewing machine--it's light weight--but I still hate lugging a machine to class four: it's on paper piecing--I am not a fan of paper piecing--too many little pieces, thread and paper to clean up afterwards--I can make enough messes all on my own without doing a mess on purpose!!!! So why am I taking this class--I love the look of the quilt and the fabrics and the colors of the quilt--pretty much civil war prints--so that's it in a nut shell--

stayed tuned for the pictures of class tomorrow in the mean time--happy stitching--Hugs, just, Di


  1. But you will have a great time at class. Enjoy it.

  2. Hi Di....I came over to visit from Jenny of Elefantz's blog. Your work is lovely and you are oh sew busy. Sorry can't go in your August challenge...Christmas is a distant thought at the still trying to get over last
    Kind Regards
    Judith - Australia

  3. I don't like paper piecing either! Hope you have fun in your class though.


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