Sunday, August 30, 2009


OH BOY did I do some shopping today--here goes==
some novelty buttons--one can never have enough of these--you just never know when one might be just the thing that is needed to put the perfect touch on your project???/

And here is some "tools' one always needs to have on hand==
Cotton threads in lots of colors--always good buy ---
More of the novelty buttons--can you tell I like hearts, bears, and cats?????
More and more cards of buttons mostly red ones and star buttons--I know already where some of these will be used--on some of the Christmas projects I am working on!!!


They were all purchased in a JoAnn's store--too!!!

I SAVED A TOTAL OF $100.94 ON THIS PURCHASE--THAT IS SAVED MY DEAR BLOGGING FRIENDS+++all of this cost me a grand total of $34.79 including sales tax!!!!!

No joke--our Joann's store at the local mall is moving to a bigger store down the road a ways-- ( it will be harder for us to get there, now!!!!) and they were having a 60% to 80% off today--the buttons were 80% off--so I just keep putting them in my basket--I love buttons!!!!

I did get this project ready for applique:

And to end today's post I want to share a picture with you that I took when I got home today--I knew that my friend, Mary, was having her great grand babies visit--so I popped down and took a couple pictures--here's a great one:
Happy Day to you all---see ya tomorrow--hugs, just, Di

Friday, August 28, 2009


I am all SMILES once again--you see earlier--like 5 hours earlier I was trying to work on my pictures files--actually I was trying to get some photos into my picture files from the document file and I ended up downloading the whole window program and that at that time wiped out all the old picture files--still had some of the newer stuff on the download file--I worked for awhile then went back in and uninstalled the windows programs and got some stuff back--but not the old files that i had downl0aded from the other computer--so to say the least I have not been a happy camper tonight---it was late so I finally just shut off the computer--then decided to restart it and see what happened and it was like a Miracle they are all there just like before!!!
This is what we had to day here at the complex--out newest apartment residents son own;s a tasty freeze/ice cream bar--and he brought some ice cream and some toppings and gave us all a big sundae---YUMMY!!!!!
YES I did do some more Christmas projects to day--sewed a Christmas tree skirt panel together and now I will do some quilting on it--also did alot of "prep' work on an applique Christmas wall hanging--it will be a tough as it has so many small words and such on it--but seeing it has cardinals on it it will be worth it in the end--hopefully?????

Well it really is late--I must get my beauty sleep--;

have a great weekend--Hugs, just, Di

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More n More sewing!!!

And more and more fabric and orders came in today---Got my ott-lite from Joann;s today by mail--
See I even got my favorite color---PINK--
Most of the gals at the applique class have these and I wanted one--so here she is --only now I learned today that the applique class for this year doesn't start til OCTOBER--oh well--I am sure that I will "find" something to keep me busy!!!!!

Another fabric order came in:
The blue on the left I got just because I liked it sooo much--the one on the right I got cause I don;t believe I have seen blue much in the fall fabrics--and I also like "blue"--
Just some nice ones for my sash--
Some reds--either will use on Christmas projects or go in my YO-YO sash--the one on the far right has watermelon seeds on it and it was a nice small print--and one never "knows" when one might need some red fabric with watermelon seeds on it?????
Two more charm packs--and I just love these prints--so dainty like--did find some to match in one yard pieces at the same company--trying to decide if I should order them for borders, etc.??
Have 'no" idea why I got the one on the far left??? the other two looked solid colored and I had planned on using them for gingerbread and reindeer bodies---now the back sides are more solid so I just may use it --backwards?????
I love this print--but do not have a laundry room??? but I have decided to make me an apron to wear down to our laundry room here==to hold my scissors, thimble and glasses--I like to take some sewing down with me but am always afraid I will lose something--this way I can just keep them in my pockets of the apron--now does that sound like a plan or what????

Now for today's Christmas finish--
A set of 4 place mats--I have wanted to do this pattern for a couple years now and I even found the main fabric that the pattern had used--the pattern was in the McCall's Quilting Magazine for December 2007---I got some Diane Knott's fabric today to do another set--wait til you see!!!!!

Well that enough for tonight--I have 3 new magazines--quilt ones calling my name --so best go quiet them down before they wake up the neighbors!!!!!!! Hugs, just, Di

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A good sewing day---

I had a good sewing day to day even with some interruptions--you know like a girl-friend dropping by and running me to the grocery store--needed some "vittles" to keep me "humming' away and not fainting away!!!!--Here is yesterdays and todays finishes--

Apron #1--
Apron #2--

Apron #3--Why three aprons--bets me--just a "little' voice said make 3 and so I did!!!!
This was a really easy pattern to do--even with making the bias binding for the first apron skirt--the pattern is called "Very Vintage" and is by Jan Lutz of Threaded Pear.

I also got another on-line order in today and this is what "goodies" came in it--
The blue fabric has buttons on it--and both of these fabrics go with this "fun" fabric----
Now here is a quilter having the time of her life--with her two "best friends"--
Here "I" am and I have made the kitty a quilt and puppy a quilt
and me one!!!!!--
And here "we" are shopping for yet more fabric and my two best "friends" know how sometimes I figure wrong and they may need to "bale' me out so they have brought the piggy bank and the jar of pennies!!!! Now how cute is this fabric????????????? There is more panels yet on this yard cut--but they will wait for there turn to be shown!!!!!
And I got this--this goes with the Winter Song line by Moda--It has been a real funny line to find--I first fell in love with it on purchasing a charm pack at my local shop--but she did not order any of the rest of the line--sooo ONLINE I went--couple weeks or so ago I found some of the line in the reds and ordered them--then last week I found the blues in the line ( they had no reds or greens from the line) and there was this panel for the line--that I had not seen nor knew about and couldn't see that much of it even--but I ordered anyway--and oh my--I just love this--and I also got these to go with the line--
SOOOO now I have to do some thinking and some sewing with these babies!!!!!!

Well--I need to go am trying to get off this thing earlier in the evenings--I need my "sleep" and I like to do some hand work before bed---happy stitching, gals--hugs, just, Di

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some more "Rip-Rip-Rip"!!

Well--here is my story--you know how when you are in a fabric store and sometimes fabrics just seem to fall into place for a project???? Well--maybe that should be a "warning" bell that once home those same fabrics that just "shouted" we all go together --where really just wanting out of the shop and wanting a personnel home of there own!!!!

Here is a project:
You remember this applique that I did????
Well. It was time to put the borders on this week--so yesterday I did just that--
OH Dear--this is not "looking" like I want it too--so off came the outer borders--
OH no the one DS picked out is not "doing" it either---now what????? I guess what it is --is the inner border is wrong for this one--so "rip-rip-rip" off came both borders and on went a new inner one and then I did reuse the 2nd outer border--and this is what I ended up with--
WOW--now it stands up and says--Hello---What a difference borders can make a quilt????

I helped my friend, Anne celebrate her birthday today and we went out for lunch--then this afternoon I redid the quilt above and started on another sewing project--this one is all machine sewing so when it;s done--it;s done!!! Oh and here is a close up of the applique nativity scene from yesterdays post:
And here is another picture of a "treasure" while we were treasuring hunting with my brother--
My brother said this little rocking chair pincushion started out as soda/beer can--I really think it is neat--the seat and the back are made out of a champagne colored velvet.

Well--happy sewing tomorrow--see ya soon--hugs, and smiles--just, Di

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hold on to your seat--this promises to be a "wild" ride tonight========

Can you believe that I was actually able to sew in the sewing room most of the day today--and boy did that feel gooooooood!!!!!! But it also will create this --
Rip--Rip--Ripp it---the first border on the Christmas tree with the sunbonnet Sue that I appliqued came out ok--but the second outer border once it was sewed on just doesn't do it---so it will all come off--DS showed up about this time and I put her to work finding something else that was more suitable and "we" think we found one--if I get the ripping done tonight and the new one sewed on tomorrow-(or when ever) I will show you the before and after pictures!!!

the next one to get put together was the Christmas card holder wall hanging--I really liked the way this one came out and these are my own color choices--here she is---
I even have the binding all made and tagged--the binding is the same color as the outer border--
thought I had a close up of the finished Nativity scene--will do one tomorrow--the original pattern had the words at the top--Merry and at the bottom--Christmas--this goes on a hanger that I got for it that says--Believe--so as the book also had this Nativity scene I felt it should go on it instead--and if you look closely you will see that the top panel is angels flying around--!!!

Two more fabric orders came in today--
I really like all of these prints and the pumpkin one is soooo cute--one of the pumpkins has a nice black spider on his nose!!!!!
The top one is a cute panel with my cats and some puppys --and the bottom piece is for my rocking chair for the "year" that I have time to make it????/
these are from another company--3 packs of charm blocks--I am getting into these 5 inch charm packs--but wonder if I should be getting 2 packs of each--what is your opinion????
The Christmas gift bag pattern my shop had last year and they had made up the Santa and I fell in love with him--but could not get him then--this company is having a sale--so I got him??? Along with some more--why stop with one pattern?????
And two more fall patterns--just like I really needed any more fall ones!!!!
And this book was on sale--it looks like it will be alot of fun to do--does anyone else have it or have you made any of these blocks?????

Here is some more treasures that I got in the last couple weeks--got them washed and pressed up--
I got this whole pile of old hankies--mostly they are with the old tatted edgings--but I also got the pile because I wanted this one--
This goes into my Christmas collection of hankies--
And I found another vintage apron--what can I say??????

I also got 4 fabric placemats started today--hope to finish the tops tomorrow--time will tell, I guess?????

Well. I guess this is long enough for you for one day--see ya tomorrow--hugs, just, Di

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