Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sorry this picture is so dark---but the word here on this wall says "SENECA"--

AND on the other side of that side walk the sign continues and says 'HARBOR PARK"--
My dad when he was here on earth and my younger brother, Jim, had a beautiful woodworking business and they made all kinds of neat things, clocks, rockers, table & chair set, china cabinets, and the list goes on--but once in a while they would get an order for something "a little different" and this was one of them--they build the molds for the letters that were used to make these letters/words at the lake park --on the other side of this concrete wall is a small area of lawn and then the boat docks--and the new hotel I already showed you some pictures of is facing this wall--so lots and lots of people see this now!!!!

My brother and sister in law now live in Tampa area, of Florida and they are due to come up here next weekend for a visit---can't wait--they like to "treasure" hunt too and they will take me out of town to some other places--hang on to the wallet--????

Have a great sewing Monday--(me I have to do some of those other things--like laundry and groceries--I think??????)

See ya soon---hugs, just, Di

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