Friday, August 28, 2009


I am all SMILES once again--you see earlier--like 5 hours earlier I was trying to work on my pictures files--actually I was trying to get some photos into my picture files from the document file and I ended up downloading the whole window program and that at that time wiped out all the old picture files--still had some of the newer stuff on the download file--I worked for awhile then went back in and uninstalled the windows programs and got some stuff back--but not the old files that i had downl0aded from the other computer--so to say the least I have not been a happy camper tonight---it was late so I finally just shut off the computer--then decided to restart it and see what happened and it was like a Miracle they are all there just like before!!!
This is what we had to day here at the complex--out newest apartment residents son own;s a tasty freeze/ice cream bar--and he brought some ice cream and some toppings and gave us all a big sundae---YUMMY!!!!!
YES I did do some more Christmas projects to day--sewed a Christmas tree skirt panel together and now I will do some quilting on it--also did alot of "prep' work on an applique Christmas wall hanging--it will be a tough as it has so many small words and such on it--but seeing it has cardinals on it it will be worth it in the end--hopefully?????

Well it really is late--I must get my beauty sleep--;

have a great weekend--Hugs, just, Di

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  1. Glad you got your photos back, Di. I'm always scared I'm going to delete something I want. But son no 2 has promiseed to take a back-up of our old computer and while he's at it he can do my laptop, too.


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