Saturday, August 22, 2009


Seeing how the "maid" did not show up all week(me;s the maid) I had to take matters into my own "Hands" today and get to work--after tea with my friend, Mary, I got the laundry cart and ran down to the laundry room and popped the two loads in--got some embroidery done on the stockings while I was waiting on the washers and dryers---

then I got into a 'CLEANING MODE' for some reason and away I went, got the bathroom cleaned, dishes done, my clothes closet cleaned out--that was a job--and of course I found more laundry in there!!!!! Even got the large shoe bag hung up in there that I picked up at a garage sale earlier in the week!!!

While I was cleaning, my sister--the decorator--was finishing up the walls here in the office/living room and here is some pictures of her work for me---
Here's my office and the new rocker--on the wall is some quilts and counted cross stitches I have done--

this is like a china cabinet for me--she worked on redoing this yesterday--on the chair is the new lamb pillow i got online at Target when I ordered this--
My new red toaster/oven--I really like how this one works--at least for the toast part--haven't tried out the oven part, yet????
Here is the other new rocker that I got recently--and that's the Hoosier Cabinet in the background--
This rocker was my mother's and she used it for years, and she has been gone now since 1995--so it;s old--but it still works!!!!!
And on the right is my rocker that I use to stitch in--do you see all my "projects" in progress????

And talking of progress, I did get all the applique done on the Nativity scene before I got on the computer tonight--just need to press it and add details to the faces with a perma pen--and I have 2 plus work on the 3rd stocking and now that the house is DONE i can "fly" with the projects--or at least try tooooooo!!!!!!!

I wish you all a great rest of the week-end and have some fun and some rest tomorrow--hugs, just, Di and "Bubbles"


  1. Hi Di, I so enjoyed visiting your place today...everything looks lovely and homely..
    I want a Hoosier Cabinet too...
    Julia ♥

  2. Oh, how inviting - lovely decor!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Well now that the house is clean, you are all ready to sew.
    Love the new toaster oven.


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