Saturday, August 8, 2009


I played "fresh-air kid" today and went to a girl-friends who lives out in the country and has "small" farm--another girl-friend and her two grandson's and my sister went, too. I just love it there it is so peaceful and pretty. Sally now has 2 goats, one rabbit, a dozen chickens, one friendly rooster named Henry, a dog and a cat.
Here's the youngest son--Jackson with the youngest goat, named "Baby"
Here's a good picture of Baby--she is sooooo lovable--I wanted to bring her home with me--REALLY!!!!
Jackson with both of them--the older one is named "Athena" she is shyer--but does warm up after awhile.
I really did enjoy playing and petting these two fine animals--thank you Sally!!! We did have a "tea party" with some good food and a visit. and I also took lots and lots of pictures of all her gardens and the other animals--but they are on the "NEW" camera and I can not download them just yet---soooo---
And this was cute in her garden--he is beginning to look a little rough around the "edges" but I still thought he was adorable!!!

1. I did get a new digital camera and I really love it--but the battery only lasted 2 hours today--so I need to "learn" more about that--it is a flat rechargeable one and the charger came with it and it says you only need to charge it for 2 hours at a time--but then I can't believe I only will get 2 hours use out of it????????

2.I do not know how often I will be able to post this next week--first my brother is in town and we like to go places and second I am looking into a new computer, so I may be "down" for awhile changing from one to the other--not sure how it all works----the big thing is--I can't decide whether I want a regular computer or a lap top???????

3. I am having fun ordering some fabric's on line--I finally found some of the :Winter Song by Moda to order, but would like to find more--the blue color ones--anyone know who might carry it??? and I finally found some darker muslin for the Siggy blocks--but of course I had to order other fabrics toooooo!!!!!!

4. Am I doing any Christmas--not really--but I have been "under the weather" the last 3 days so am only getting a little bit done each day---but????????????????? How are you doing on the challenge?????

See ya soon--Have a great week end--we have ALOT of PEOPLE in town this week end as it is Nascar week end here--don't know if I ever mentioned that the big race track is up on the hill here just a couple miles out of town!!!!
Hugs, stay safe---just, Di


  1. Loved reading your day out. Fantastic. a place after my own heart

  2. I want to take Baby home too :) Did you see the cute lambs on my blog? We were like you, visiting friends, and I could have taken a whole bunch of the lambies home if they would have let me!!
    I've done my first finish - a ufo Christmas quilt. The next two projects will be new ones, and I have way too many ideas!!

  3. Hi Di. Lovely trip out. I think the battery to my camera seems to last ages - haven't recharged very often. So hope you are just as lucky. Have a nice time with the family. Hugs.

  4. Hi Di-
    You are sooooooooo busy! Do not stress about getting things done; just enjoy family while they are here. I am sure you will get it all done when they leave. If you decide that buying Christmas fabric counts, let me know since I picked up a few new pieces yesterday myself. I also started working on a Christmas quilt that I started back in January, but I may have to abandon it for now because I don't think I can finish it and another one before the end of the month. We shall see. I will hopefully get quite a bit of hand stitching done tonight because I will be watching the race here in Perth LIVE at 1AM. If I can keep my eyes open.
    Take care, Alice
    PS-The goats are so cute

  5. What a fun time it looks like you had. Such cute goats.
    I just love my lap top. I sit in my comfy chair while reading blogs. I never thought I wanted one because we have the big one in the other room, but DH got a laptop & while using his, I was hooked.
    Good luck in your search for a new computer.

  6. Well, we spent the week-end watching the telecast of the racing at Watkins Glen. We follow Marcos Ambrose who is an Australian driving in NAS car races over there. In 2007 we were in Watkins Glen on our way to Niagara Falls. The races were on then too but we didn't have time to go to them. Love your farm photos. The net is a great place to buy your fabric. I have bought a lot of my materials from shops in the USA. I like the Fat Quarter Shop in particular. Cheers for now.....


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