Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A good sewing day---

I had a good sewing day to day even with some interruptions--you know like a girl-friend dropping by and running me to the grocery store--needed some "vittles" to keep me "humming' away and not fainting away!!!!--Here is yesterdays and todays finishes--

Apron #1--
Apron #2--

Apron #3--Why three aprons--bets me--just a "little' voice said make 3 and so I did!!!!
This was a really easy pattern to do--even with making the bias binding for the first apron skirt--the pattern is called "Very Vintage" and is by Jan Lutz of Threaded Pear.

I also got another on-line order in today and this is what "goodies" came in it--
The blue fabric has buttons on it--and both of these fabrics go with this "fun" fabric----
Now here is a quilter having the time of her life--with her two "best friends"--
Here "I" am and I have made the kitty a quilt and puppy a quilt
and me one!!!!!--
And here "we" are shopping for yet more fabric and my two best "friends" know how sometimes I figure wrong and they may need to "bale' me out so they have brought the piggy bank and the jar of pennies!!!! Now how cute is this fabric????????????? There is more panels yet on this yard cut--but they will wait for there turn to be shown!!!!!
And I got this--this goes with the Winter Song line by Moda--It has been a real funny line to find--I first fell in love with it on purchasing a charm pack at my local shop--but she did not order any of the rest of the line--sooo ONLINE I went--couple weeks or so ago I found some of the line in the reds and ordered them--then last week I found the blues in the line ( they had no reds or greens from the line) and there was this panel for the line--that I had not seen nor knew about and couldn't see that much of it even--but I ordered anyway--and oh my--I just love this--and I also got these to go with the line--
SOOOO now I have to do some thinking and some sewing with these babies!!!!!!

Well--I need to go am trying to get off this thing earlier in the evenings--I need my "sleep" and I like to do some hand work before bed---happy stitching, gals--hugs, just, Di


  1. Such very cute aprons. Love those blue fabrics. So glad you had a good sewing day.

  2. Those aprons are so nice. I love them. I need to make some of those. They would make great Christmas gifts. I love the fabric you bought. That panel is gorgeous. I also love the borders you put around your appliqued block in the previous post. That one is beautiful. I can't wait to see it done.

  3. You've been so productive again! I love all your fabrics you got - especially the one with the funny gal on it.

  4. What great aprons you made.
    Love that cute quilting fabric with her friends, can't wait to see what you create with that fabric. Every little pet needs a little quilt like in that fabric. I've made some for my kitties.


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